ART29 is hosting talented Kuwaiti artist Hamad Al Humaidhan

W Doha Hotel and Residences is hosting an exhibition of exclusive art collection titled ‘Past to Present’ by young, talented Kuwaiti artist Hamad Al Humaidhan at ART29. The exhibition comprises of 28 paintings which will take art lovers and enthusiasts through a moving journey of the young artist’s perception of life. The exhibition is open to the public until 30 March, from 10 am to 10 pm, daily.

ART29 Young Picasso‘Past to Present’ is a compilation of Hamad’s work throughout the years selected from 2014 until the present. Each painting illustrates a particular story and when put all together, the collection inevitably depicts the development of Hamad’s life journey. Dubbed by critics early in his career as a ‘Young Picasso’, the 19-year-old developed his collection to narrate the inspiring tale of his life, depicted through vibrant strokes of colour and movement.

Speaking on his latest exhibition, Al Humaidhan said painting provides him with a platform to inspire and express his emotions.

Each fresh canvas is mine to take over and create whatever my imagination allows me to. I am hoping visitors will take the time to appreciate the colours, the positive vibes and most importantly, living in the present moment while taking it all in.’

Heavily influenced by his father at a young age, most of Hamad’s inspiration came from either watching his father paint or browsing one of his father’s many art books. Greatly inspired, Hamad started visiting museums, galleries, exhibitions and historic buildings – turning his hobby into a  full-blown passion. By coincidence, the young artist adopted a Picasso cubist style of painting, not having ever previously seen any of Picasso’s works. He paints his world with youthful emotions – vivid and emotional. Each character, fiction or not, is composed with delicate mastery. Currently armed with a long list of accomplishments, Hamad was commissioned to create a birthday card in celebration of the 180th Anniversary of the Covent Garden market in London, generating interest from members of the media around the world.

W Doha General Manager Wassim Daaje is inviting everyone to experience the work of the young genius at ART29.

Young talent coupled with such passion is quite rare and we are proud to encourage the youth of Qatar and the region, to express themselves through art. ART29 will always be a creative platform for talent and inspiring artists to come together and motivate one another to keep chasing after their dreams and goals.’

Art 29 is an exciting platform that presents the works of up and coming local, regional and international artists with a space to showcase their work and aspirations to the community. Visit the Art29 website at for more information. 

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