Qatar Airways recently hosted a stylish fashion show to celebrate this year’s Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition (DJWE) on board its state-of-the-art G650 private jet. The event showcased the exquisite jewellery and fashions of acclaimed Chinese designers Grace Chen and Beau Han Xu, set against the backdrop of the world’s most luxurious private jet.

Guests who took part in the event included top international style influencers from the fashion and beauty world, invited by Qatar Airways to Doha to participate in this year’s DJWE.

Qatar Airways Senior VP for Marketing and Corporate Communications Salam Al Shawa, said they are delighted to be the Official Airline Partner of the DJWE and celebrate the finest in luxury and craftmanship.

What better way to highlight Grace and Beau’s magnificent designs than to showcase them against the backdrop of Qatar Executive jet – the epitome of luxury and refinement. We are delighted to welcome these talented designers to Qatar, and look forward to helping them experience Qatar’s remarkable hospitality and Arabian ambiance.’

‘Nowhere Yet Everywhere’

Fashion designer Grace Chen said her inspiration mostly comes from stories of women: how a woman feels about herself, and how she sees the world.

My designs always reflect the inner landscape of a woman’s heart, no matter who she is or where she’s from. In my Solitude collection, Persian patterns were woven into the signature Chinese embroidery, combining influences from Chinese calligraphy. I created a style that is neither Western nor Eastern but reflects a blending of cultures; nowhere yet everywhere at the same time.

As we travel around the world with our Fashion Travel series, I believe this is a global trend and is the true spirit of modernity. It is also what we aspire to at Grace Chen. I am delighted to share some of my works with such a distinguished audience in Qatar.’

Regarded as one of China’s most influential fashion innovators, Grace Chen has been hailed as ‘the Power Dresser of China’ by South China Morning Post and ‘China’s Most Sought-After Couturier’ by The Hollywood Reporter. Her unique designs draw out the beauty in every woman, combining sophistication, elegance and modern aesthetics, resulting in a textural sculpture that appeals to the most stylish and iconic women in the world.

QR DJWE 2019 Fashion Show 2

Jewellery designer Beau Han Xu said that as an international jewellery designer who grew up in the world of gems, he strongly believes that each stone has its own energy and power, and is as unique as the person wearing it. He loves creating jewellery that reflects his client’s personality, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to their journey.

With this most special private jet catwalk experience, I prepared my Nature and Water Splash jewellery collections on board. The collection includes rare pearls necklace, swimming diamonds bangle and tiaras, to accompany the modern, cultured, sophisticated journey with Qatar Airways.’

Beau Han Xu is an internationally-renowned artist, gemologist and award-winning jewellery designer whose work fuses the magical and futuristic. His first collection Splash!, featured organic crystal cuffs, chokers, tiaras, and rings ,where diamonds shimmer and swim within. Inspired by nature and the ethereal, Beau’s creations freeze inspirational moments in time: a raindrop’s splash and the subtleties of light playing on light.

Beau has collaborated with Swarovski to create the innovative Beau Cut™ Gemstone and has created an innovative luxury lifestyle in partnership with Rolls-Royce, Sunseeker super yacht, global top tier hotels and other luxury brands.

DJWE 2019, which was held at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre until this week, featured more than 500 international luxury brands, displaying some of the world’s finest gemstones, jewellery collections and watches.

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