The Ministry of Interior, through the National Traffic Safety Committee, declared the following ‘expert’ recommendations at the conclusion of the second day of the Fifth Forum of Coordinators for the Second Phase of the National Traffic Safety Strategy (2018-2022).

Brigadier Mohamed Al Malki, Secretary of the National Traffic Safety Committee, declared the general recommendations issued by the forum.

  • Enhance the role of the National Traffic Safety Committee as a leading institution in the State of Qatar to develop policies, monitor implementation and strengthen the country’s global position
  • Strengthen the road accident investigation system and build a modern national workforce
  • Focus on reducing accidents in the five geographic traffic areas that have more than 90% of deaths
  • Support the National Office for the implementation of the FIFA 2022 plan and ensure timely implementation of the stakeholders
  • Give accreditation to the traffic accident investigation team as a specialised body to support the efforts of the General Directorate of Traffic, in coordination with the National Bureau of Traffic Safety
  • The concerned parties (more than 400) shall implement a work plan of their own and follow up the implementation process periodically
  • Give national strategy coordinators adequate time
  • Emphasise the implementation of paedestrian projects on time and reduce paedestrian mortality
  • Emphasise the reduction of severe injuries rate to 15 per 100 thousand people by the year 2020
  • Develop the national traffic awareness system in coordination with awareness and media work groups
  • The National Traffic Safety Office shall handle and complete the new electronic evaluation and follow-up system to support decision makers
  • Adopt the concept of a global security system, which was revised to suit the requirements of the State of Qatar
  • Follow-up of the institution’s official in person to carry out implementation and submit periodic reports to the concerned authority
  • Emphasise the importance of implementing the UN sustainable development goals related to traffic safety, congestion and sustainable cities, as well as the development of road and transport networks
  • Emphasise the importance of transport sector plans and major events, especially related to World Cup 2022
  • Develop a geographic information system by concerned authorities in the country

Oman and Kuwait Officials Honoured 

Traffic Safety Forum

Brigadier Muhammad Saad Al Kharji, Director General of the General Directorate of Traffic honoured Major General Fahad Al Shuwaei, Assistant Undersecretary of Traffic Affairs in Kuwait, and Brigadier General Dr Mohammed Awad Al Rawas, Director General of Traffic Department, Sultanate of Oman.

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