A new scooter robot is out to make security more interesting at Hamad International Airport (HIA). The robot, launched recently by the Airport Security Department at the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with Lakhwiya Force, can measure pulse rate remotely and has a built-in facial recognition feature. 

Airport Security Department Director Brigadier Eissa Arrar Al Romaihi said that the security robot can identify suspicious passengers and can also detect ‘forbidden’ things carried by the passengers, which will be shown in different colours on the robot’s device screen and automatically sent to the operating room of the Security Department at the airport.

The robot is small, which allows for free mobility. It also has various devices that allows the robot to operate on its own. A camera stand attached near the side wheel scans every passenger, displaying the person’s face, heartbeat, and identity. It also has a ‘telemetry’ to detect stress, a small sensor near its foot stand that scans for any abandoned luggage, a money scanner, and a finger print machine, just in case it was required.

For more information about the new security robot at HIA, visit the MOI website through this link