Family in Need Gets ROTA Ramadan Home Makeover

The home of a disadvantaged family in Al Shamal received a ‘makeover’ renovation and was given a fresh look thanks to volunteers taking part in Reach Out To Asia’s (ROTA) Ramadan 2013 Project, sponsored by Oxy Qatar.

house-renovation-7During a 3-day renovation, which ran from 21 July  to 23 July 2013, a team of ROTA Volunteers rolled up their sleeves to devote six hours a day to give this home a complete ROTA Home Makeover.

A well-established activity of ROTA’s 7th Annual Ramadan Project, the ROTA Home Makeover saw volunteers carrying out essential maintenance and repairs, painting and assembling and installing new furniture to transform the house into a new family home.

ROTA was very happy to collaborate with Qatar Foundation’s Facilities Management Directorate who provided much valued expertise from engineers, architects and contractors to contribute to repair work to the house.

The local family involved explained how excited they are by the prospect of their ‘new’ home.

We can never repay the generosity shown to us by ROTA. Our family simply could not afford to do the work the ROTA volunteers are doing. Now we will have a home to be proud of.

ROTA volunteers gathered at 8 am each day and began by cleaning walls and repairing roofs and floors. After taking a well-deserved break, they continued by painting the walls and decorating the house. Finally the new furniture was delivered whereupon volunteers assembled and installed it and the ROTA Home Makeover was complete.

ROTA volunteer Sara Karim commented on her involvement in the project:

I have always believed in giving back to our communities and was excited to help a family in need of a better home.  When ROTA asked for volunteers for its Ramadan 2013 Project, I was ready to take on the challenge of renovating a home for a deserving family.’

ROTA Executive Director Essa Al Mannai said:

Renovating and redecorating a home is a great opportunity for us to do something that really makes a difference to the quality of life for people who are less fortunate.’

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Visit Reach Out to Asia website or facebook page for more details on Ramadan 2013 project.