FARAH is a full indoor theme park that combines the typical F.E.C. (Family Entertainment Centre) environment with V.A.R. (Various Activity Rooms) designed to encourage imaginative play, social and pretend play opportunities, skills development and other open-ended play opportunities.

The concept is designed to take the children from the ‘Fun & Play’ world to the ‘Educate & Reward’ world.

More than just Play 

FARAH’s concept is new, unique, advanced, technology-based, educational, rewarding and more importantly, fun. The concept is divided into three main categories – the Toddler Area, the Typical Themed Park and the Activity Rooms. This allows for a wider range of options for clients, and which also allows for flexibility – increasing or decreasing each category size depending on available space.

FARAH offers entertainment for everyone with shows featuring Magicians, Clowns and event Experiments! It has amusements, thrill rides, edutainment, high-tech games and adventure, all under one roof.


Visit any of FARAH’s three locations in Doha: 01 Mall (4427 2807), 02 Mall (4017 8934) and  03 Mall (4483 7976), or farahqatar.com for updates and more information.