The Fire Station has launched the latest edition of the Ruwad Artist in Residence programme, an initiative to support pioneering Qatari and resident artists. Qatari artists Wafika Sultan Al Essa and Hassan Al Mulla are the first artists to participate in the programme this year. 

Ruwad is a continuation of the residency programme that supported Qatari artist Faraj Daham from 2017 until 2020. The initiative aims to facilitate communication between local artists who are then able to share their expertise and experiences, provide guidance and constructive feedback and communicate with the wider community through public programmes such as lectures and art workshops.

Fire Station Director Khalifa Al Obaidly said they are pleased to welcome this year’s participants into the Ruwad Artist in Residence programme.

He said that the Ruwad artists will take part in the mentoring programme available to participants in the Artist in Residence programme, as well as engage with the most prominent local artists who have gained international recognition throughout their rich artistic careers.

Participants of the programme will receive support to nurture their artistic talents and in turn support Qatar Museums’ efforts to enrich the cultural and artistic landscape in Qatar.

Artist Wafika Sultan Al Essa said she is delighted to be nominated for the Ruwad Artist in Residence programme. The dedicated studio space, according to her, will enable her to focus on completing her artworks and artistic projects.

As part of the programme, I look forward to engaging with artists from various fields as well as members of the community who are passionate about art. This opportunity inspires me to pursue new artistic projects and explore the field of plastic art.

Al Essa is a Qatari visual artist and considered one of the pioneers of art in Qatar. Her work has been exhibited in Kuwait, London, Paris, and Tunisia, and in various galleries in Qatar such as at Al Riwaq Gallery, Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Al Markhiya Gallery, and Al Hosh Gallery.

Artist Hassan Al Mulla is also pleased and proud to have been chosen to participate in the Artist in Residence Ruwad programme at the Fire Station. He said that the stay will provide him with the support to make progress in advancing his artistic passion while promoting Qatari artists in the local and international scenes.

Al Mulla is a pioneer in the plastic art movement in Qatar. He already held several exhibitions in Qatar, India and Saudi Arabia. His artworks can be seen in a number of Qatar ministries and embassies, as well as at Qatar Museums and Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art.

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