Cultural Village Foundation – Katara recently launched the first cultural forum of traditional clothing designers featuring a fashion show for traditional clothes and an exhibition for traditional costumes.

The forum, participated by 18 traditional clothing designers (17 female and 1 male) was witnessed by diplomats from countries who also participated with their traditional clothes. The traditional fashion event is part of the project ‘My National Costumes are My Identity’ launched by Katara to support and introduce the value of national costumes and revive this old heritage.

According to Qatari fashion designer Fakhriya Al Ansari, it is their duty to care for traditional clothes which she said are part of the country’s identity. Traditional clothes enhance the national identity, with all its cultural, historical and social features, and all its related handicrafts such as embroidery.

Participants from other countries displayed their national costumes and joined in workshops to exchange expertise with local designers. Participants from Syria, Turkey, Iran and Morocco displayed their folk designs made especially for women for different occasions.


The forum is initiated by a group of local designers keen to revive old traditional clothes, utilising the same materials but using modern designs to fit the taste of younger people. Hessa Hamid, a traditional clothing designer and manufacturer from Qatar, said that organising such an event will draw the attention of many people to traditional Qatari clothes and raise awareness among the new generation on their real identity.

The forum is ongoing until Friday, 13 April at Katara Cultural Village. 

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