Ibtechar recently celebrated its 10th anniversary as a Qatari start-up specialising in innovation and turn-key solutions.

Over a decade, the company made remarkable achievements which translated into growing operations. Many government organisations and private-sector businesses hire Ibtechar to benefit from its expertise in meeting the demand for practical innovation products and services in the Qatari market.

A hybrid celebration ceremony was held under the title, A Decade of Practical Innovation. The event was attended by VIP representatives from government and organisations concerned with innovation as one pillar of the knowledge-based society sought by Qatar National Vision 2030. A new logo of Ibtechar was revealed, representing the company’s vision and strategic plans for the future.

Ibtechar 3

Also as part of the celebration, Ibtechar hosted a panel discussion on Innovation and Knowledge-Based Economic Development with guest speakers from Delta Corporation, Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) and Qatar University. The discussion covered topics that included innovation pillars, challenges to economic diversification and vision and commitment towards a knowledge-based economy.

Nurturing a culture of innovation

Ibtechar was established in 2011 as the first incubated start-up in Qatar, serving as a platform to lay the foundation for the transfer, localisation and development of a culture of innovation and technology in Qatar.

Ibtechar Founder and Chairman Aboujassoum Khalid Aboujassoum shared that ranking first in the Stars of Science awards motivated him to provide services that promote forward-thinking techniques gained from the TV show among as many people as possible.

I felt the pressing need to offer integrated solutions and programmes for different sectors, particularly with the scarcity of Qatari businesses and enterprises that provide such services and expertise in the local market.

The company began to provide tailored solutions and services in 2013 to meet the specific needs of clients. Ibtechar Founding Partner and CEO Nayef Al-Ibrahim said that in 2015, they launched the Sanea Initiative, an innovative educational programme that promotes innovation among the public. Under the programme, Sanea Bus emerged, the first mobile digital fabrication laboratory in Qatar and the whole region.

Over the past years, Ibtechar reaped the benefits of strategic planning and considerable knowledge of the mechanisms for developing innovative products. In 2019, the company was selected by the World Economic Forum among the top 100 start-ups in the MENA region and also appeared on the SME Excellence List 2018 of QDB.

They were assigned by QDB to undertake the development and operation of the country’s first digital fabrication laboratory (Fab Lab) to serve start-ups and small and mid-size enterprises in various sectors. They signed a strategic partnership with Barzan Holdings, the investment arm of the country’s Ministry of Defence, to develop practical solutions for emerging technologies, such as the Drone Tracking System project.

These achievements constituted proof of the trust that the company enjoys from many components of the local market.

Broader horizon

Ibtechar accomplished around 70% of all innovation spaces in Qatar, such as Qatar Business Incubation Center’s laboratory for QDB and Nama Foundation, Studio 5/6 for the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the laboratory of Qatar Science and Technology Secondary School for Boys, and the laboratory of Mada Fab Lab for persons with disabilities.

Ibtechar has confidently continued to develop its innovative services and programmes and attracted more clients, becoming a key player in Qatar’s innovation sector, thanks to its leading vision and talent. It has a broader horizon for fulfilling its mission of providing innovation consultation, management, and development, shaping the future sectors and enabling the knowledge-based economy that Qatar National Vision 2030 seeks to create.

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