The first regional event held through TEDinArabic – a groundbreaking initiative between Qatar Foundation (QF) and TED – was aimed to preserve and celebrate the Arabic language and promote its continuing use and relevance to the world.

The event, held during the 2021 WISE Summit, under the theme Generation Unmute: Reclaiming Our Future Through Education, was attended by QF Vice-Chairperson and CEO HE Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani, QF Community Development President Machaille Hassan Al-Naimi, and Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) President Dr Ahmad M Hasnah.

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HBKU Translation and Interpreting Institute Arabic Language Program Coordinator Mohamad Ali Bahri, in his keynote speech, said they have to speak so the world can see – this is the importance of the partnership between Qatar and TED’s global platform.

At Qatar Foundation, we realise that language is a wealth, a thought, and feeling, a culture, and identity. We must empower it in our educational and academic institutions and in our social programmes. We need to allow our students to live the civilised life of their ancestors and enable them to enjoy its beauty by bringing back its status.

Bahri said that when you love the Arabic language, you can take hold of it. It can take you anywhere you want, and it can be very loving for you. It will leave an impact on you, your personality, your strength, your ability to confront and your leadership powers.

He then called on all Arabic speakers and every innovator, to use the platform.

Speak so the world can see you. Our ideas are in our voices. Create an impact and leave your mark.

Other speakers during the TEDinArabic event include Teach For Qatar Head of Outreach Mohammed Al-Janahi, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar graduate Farah Al Taweel, and scientist and professor at Hashemite University in Jordan Dr Rana Dajani.

Al-Janahi spoke about his passion for the Arabic language and Arabic poetry and how he use his talent for writing Arabic poems to create unique visual educational content, to help students learn mathematics and science by providing meaningful and accessible content. Al Taweel, meanwhile, is interested in design thinking and innovative teaching methods for children.

Dr Dajani spoke about the We Love Reading initiative that she founded in Jordan, which aims to nurture children using reading as a tool to develop the mind, enrich the language, release emotions and feel that nothing is impossible.

The event also included a series of performances by Farah Shamma, a musical performance by Qatar Music Academy and a video clip for the Desert Roots School on using music to combat desertification in Morocco. The school was founded by TED Fellow, architect and eco-tourism specialist Aziza Chaouni.

The partnership between Qatar Foundation and TED was launched in July 2017 and includes a digital destination that serves as a vault for TEDinArabic’s content library, enabling high-quality content in the Arabic language – including blogs, TED-Ed video lessons and custom video content – to be amplified across the world. The website has been visited 36 million times since then, and its videos have received 14 million views.

To learn more about TEDinArabic and to join its ever-growing Arabic-speaking community, visit

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