The Diplomatic club has finished putting the final touches on its preparations for the 2013 Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF). The club will be participating through the only ‘floating BBQ Donut’ in Qatar, which will be one of the most important attractions during the event and is expected to capture the attention of a large number of guests and visitors.

Diplo Donut rideThe BBQ Donut, which is offered by the Diplomatic Club is a floating food barge, seating up to eight people and featuring a specially installed BBQ grill and equipped with all the necessary rigging and safety features which allow those seated to enjoy the atmosphere while maintaining an intimate group setting.

Diplo Donut ride

QIFF 2013 will be the ‘Festival of All Senses’ in co-operation between Qatar Tourism Authority and Qatar Airways from 28 – 31 March 2013 in the Park of the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA). And it will focus this year on two main subjects: healthy food and a healthy lifestyle; in addition to the focus on the Year of culture and friendship between Qatar and the UK by highlighting the traditional dishes of both countries.

Diplo Donut ride

The festival’s activities include tasting food in the air, at the sea, and on the land, a concept that has been made possible through activities combined between amusement parks and a dinner on the floating BBQ Donut of the Diplomatic Club, which can be rented by people during the festival. During the activities British and Qatari culture will be demonstrated in order to appreciate the year of culture and friendship between the two countries, and the Diplomatic Club has dedicated the BBQ Donut’s afternoon sessions to serve traditional English tea and cakes with a Qatari twist offering Arabic coffee and Qatari Desserts.

For more information, contact the Diplomatic Club at 4484 7444 or visit the club’s website.