French retailer Fnac recently hosted a book signing ceremony for ‘Waqfat Doustouriyya’ which translates to ‘Constitutional Views’, a new book by esteemed professor, Dr Hassan Al Sayed.

Dr Hassan Al Sayed book signing at Fnac
Dr Hassan Al Sayed’s book signing at Fnac, Lagoona Mall

The book signing was held at Fnac Lagoona Mall, attended by academics, special guests, media and customers, who were all keen to obtain a copy of the book signed by one of the most prominent authors from Qatar. Fnac is a major destination for Arabic and international authors eager to host book signing ceremonies for the public. 

Fnac was launched in 2015 and is established to enhance the nation’s cultural fabric, promote global cultures and bring people together. These events at Fnac aim to revive the culture of reading and highlight the contemporary and creative movement of writing.

Dr Hassan Al Sayed praised the signing ceremony and said he was honoured to hold it at Fnac.

It is a wonderful opportunity to directly engage with readers, listen to their feedback and strengthen our relations. My book, Waqfat Doustouriyya, is intended to give readers in-depth information, insights and analyses about this topic. I am looking forward to returning for additional signing ceremonies with new books in the future.’

Dr Hassan Al Sayed is a professor of constitutional law at the College of Law in Qatar University. He regularly publishes articles, legal and juridical studies and opinion pieces in Qatari newspapers. In his new book, he aims to raise awareness of the constitution and promote the subject to the community, ensuring it is accessible to all by using a simple style, avoiding complicated law terminologies.

The book includes several articles and texts that clarify the concept of constitution and its themes, as well as topics related to political systems, rights and public liberties. It also discusses the system and role of legislative, executive and judicial powers. The book is available at Fnac in Lagoona Mall and Doha Festival City.