Italian restaurant Veritas at Al Messila, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Doha and its Executive Chef Pino Lavarra welcomes you to an authentic Italian Michelin-starred dining experience.

Although their menu allows you to pick and choose from a selection of refined dishes of pasta, meat and seafood, we’ve let the chef guide us through a journey of Italian flavours.

The small and intimate restaurant consists of elegant interiors and décor for sophisticated and exquisite dining experiences.

Our delightful dinner began with *Pane di Campagna, a plate of freshly baked round loaf bread and salted breadsticks, with two richly flavoured cream cheeses, and dried tomatoes. Some of the dishes rested on small rocks, which are from the grounds of Al Messila Resort & Spa itself, an indigenous botanical oasis or natural habitat of Doha, and home to native flora and exotic fauna.

Then we devoured the *Aperitivo all’italiana, a delicious, authentic and traditional Italian appetiser of slices of bread, topped with cream cheese and tomatoes with a small plate of well-dressed salad. This is another appetiser which rests on a rock from Al Messila Resort & Spa itself.

Then we had an *Insalata di Gamberi Marinara, an aromatic gamberoni or prawn, with organic wild arugula and a marinara sauce. 

For a little something out there, we tried a Tartare di Fassona, uncooked beef with green peas and truffle, and onion cookies.

Veritas Food Review - Al Messila

Our first main course began with a Spaghetti al Pamigiano, Tartufo e Gallo Arrosto, acacio e pepe or ‘cheese and pepper’ pasta dish surrounding a well-cooked soft textured roasted rooster with black truffle

Veritas Food Review - Al Messila

This was followed by a *Risotto al Peperone, a delightful risotto dish with yogurt mayo, a black olive crumble and onion. 

Veritas Food Review - Al Messila

Then we had *Rombo Marghaerita, a delicious main course off their ‘from the sea’ selection: a warm seafood salad with sundried tomato and basil, resting in richly flavoured mozzarella sauce.

Veritas Food Review - Al Messila

And last but not least, another delectable dish was the *Agnello Alla Lavanda, a ‘scottadito’ lamb, which comes with lavender crust, aubergine and carrot.

Veritas Food Review - Al Messila

It’s finally time for dessert! Served by the chef himself, Soffice Al Limone Amalfitano is a unique raspberry sorbet dessert that’s more than just sorbet. It’s served with strong lemon-flavoured mousse and lemon leaves at the bottom, giving off the rich and unmistakable scent of the fruit.

In addition to the scrumptious food, the most exceptional aspect of dining at Veritas is their artistic and aesthetically pleasing food presentation. Truly unique!

Veritas is open 6 pm – 11 pm daily.

To view Veritas’ menu, visit For more information or reservations, call 4445 0000

Note: Dishes marked with a * is highly recommended by Marhaba

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Author: Ola Diab

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