The exciting new Liang Signature Menu at Mandarin Oriental, Doha

The new Liang Signature Menu presents a variety of Liang’s specialities and is designed for sharing with a minimum of two guests. It’s available every Friday and Saturday, from noon until 3 pm, for guests to savour the best of traditional dishes from many provinces across China.

For Liang, the word ‘authentic’ is perfectly fitting and correct. From Executive Chef Lam to all the staff dealing with clients, the culture and atmosphere of the Mandarin Oriental, the exquisite Chinese setting and decor of Liang restaurant, all will transport you instantly to an expectation of heavenly delights from the middle kingdom.

Like a Ming vase and examples of jade culture and cloisonné, you’ll be amazed at both the technical expertise and the devotion of the Liang restaurant staff which is obvious in the presentation of this comprehensive exhibition of the best in Chinese cuisine.

Liang_mandarin oriental
Steamed Dim Sum

A well-established meal and family tradition in China is Dim Sum and Liang presents both Steamed Dim Sum, followed by Baked Dim Sum. Different varieties are served, each with its own specially made sauce, such as vegetable, crystal shrimp and chicken consommé (that’s the one where you have to be careful not to spill!), then the drier baked samples of turnip cake, spring roll and crispy wonton.

Baked dumplings Liang
Baked Dim Sum

Take a refreshing sip of your smooth white tea, as here you’re only a quarter way through the menu and you have already enjoyed – as I am sure you will – six different and distinctive flavours each accompanied by their matching and enhancing dressings.

We are then presented with Seafood and Sweetcorn Soup, so refreshing, so nourishing, with different textures in every sip, every spoonful; unsurprising, with a list of ingredients including shrimp, scallop, sweet corn and egg white. So scrumptious, so satisfying.

We were then treated to Hot and Sour Soup, a more spicy one with a long list of ingredients including tofu slices, black fungus, chicken slices, egg white and shiitake mushrooms. Now that was tasty!

Now onto that most renowned of Chinese dishes, the Peking Duck. The name seems to have resisted all post-imperial revisionism and propaganda, and that’s because it’s simply delicious and, thankfully, some good things outlast the ravages of time. In addition to the delectable roasted duck itself, you will marvel at the expertise (and thorough knowledge) of your server who with deft strokes of her knife and chopsticks will surround the delicacy in a small and light steamed pancake which – with the addition of some splashes of Hoisin sauce – will have you, politely, of course, asking if she can make you more. Who else goes to this level of creation, in forethought and in execution, to bring you a taste you have probably never had before.

Peking Duck Liang final
Peking Duck
Eggplant in bean sauce (left) and vegetable fried rice

Now for some Rib-eye but stir-fried in the Liang way with its soy sauce reduction, served with garlic chips and again distinctively delicious; with the right blend of chewiness and melt-in-your-mouth smooth satisfaction.

Stir fried beef rib-eye (left) and mango dessert
Stir-fried beef rib-eye (left) and the fresh mango purée dessert 

Chinese cuisine reflects the size and diversity of the country, its peoples (including overseas) and history. As such the diverse dishes you experience at Liang multiply rapidly and your taste buds are never allowed to rest.

Until, of course, the dessert, Fresh Mango Purée, which with the infusion of pomelo and sago makes the perfect cooling digestif to reset your palate after the taste tsunami you have just experienced; or was it a taste tornado that just blew your mind…?

Call 4008 8888 or email [email protected] to book your table.  

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