E-waste collection bins have been placed in locations across Education City 

Qatar Foundation (QF) is encouraging members of the community to celebrate Qatar Sustainability Week by recycling their e-waste, dropping off old and used electronics at designated collection points in Education City.

The bins, located in Multaqa (Education City Student Center), the Penrose House (LAS Building), and Lulu Express at Housing Lot 4, are part of Qatar Foundation’s e-waste drive, which – launched in October and set to run until the end of December – is being held in collaboration with Al Haya Waste Management and Projects Company WLL.

Ewaste_4 (1)

Items that can be deposited include desktop computers, laptops, monitors, printer and copier toners, cartridges, keyboards, televisions, scanners, audio-video equipment, mobiles, telephones, and microwaves. However, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and florescent lamps will not be accepted. This year marks the second annual e-waste drive at Qatar Foundation.

According to Environment Specialist Aisha Ghani, the campaign lasted seven days last year and this year, they are delighted to have extended it to three months.

We decided to lengthen the campaign because of the overwhelmingly positive response we received last year, with more than 4.5 tonnes of e-waste collected in just seven days. Ultimately, we aim to make these bins semi-permanent features.

Once the electronics are collected, categorised and packed at the Al Haya facility, they are then shipped to a special recycling factory in Singapore. Once received at the recycling centre – Cimelia – they are broken down and separated into materials such as plastic, copper and aluminium, sent to other factories, and made into new products.

E-waste is a growing global problem and 2019 set a record for the most amount of e-waste generated worldwide. This is a huge concern, as electronics can contain hazardous materials and – if not discarded correctly – can contaminate water sources and damage the environment.

For more information about the sustainability efforts of Qatar Foundation, visi qf.org.qa.