A beautifully restored vintage Ford Mustang looks great in a museum or even with a place of honour in a home, but it really belongs in a garage where it can be taken out for regular drives and enjoyed on the road. For those who want a classic pony car to enjoy in the living room or family room, the best option is the 1965 Ford Mustang pool table.

Manufactured in Largo, Florida by CarPoolTables and officially licensed by Ford Motor Company, the Mustang pool table is the ideal home accessory for the pony car fan. At 119 inches long, the 4×8-foot pool table is shorter than the original 1965 Mustang, but otherwise looks remarkably accurate.

That’s because company co-founder Tony Utegaard and his team patterned the fiberglass ‘body’ of the pool table from the original car. They found a 1965 Mustang in a salvage yard and used it directly to create the molds. Utegaard said:

We go and find the actual car, cut it up, shorten it, weld it together, and then we make molds of the parts…We’ve immortalised the original Mustang so that fans can enjoy their favorite car at home or on the road.’

The body panels are professionally painted and available in any of the factory colors offered on the original 1965 Mustang, with Rangoon Red being the most popular. The paint is topped off with an automotive clear coat for durability before being polished and buffed by hand. After painting, craftsmen fit genuine Mustang chrome trim including badges, bumpers and working lights. The table even has a set of alloy wheels and tires.

Utegaard said:

We joke in our shop that someday people will be stripping our pool tables for the parts.’

The heirloom-grade professional playing surface features three-piece Brazilian slate, real championship felt and solid hardwood all the way around. Each finished pool table gets its own VIN plate and title before delivery to the customer.

The 1965 Ford Mustang pool table is available from Ford’s website for $9,990.