The Qanat Qarnevale Festival, held at The Pearl-Qatar from 31 January  to 3 February, closes gracefully after days of art, music, shopping and entertainment similar to the Carnival of Venice.

The Festival delighted its audience with various activities, such as game booths, retail kiosks, arcade games, laser shows, water taxi rides, 3D floor painting, graffiti and caricature arts, outdoor cinema and stage performances, among others.

Qanat Qarnivale

Qanat Quartier, the venue where the festival was held, is a unique residential area at The Pearl-Qatar developed and managed by the United Development Company (UDC). The area is known for its magnificent architecture, greenery, beach, canals, paedestrian-friendly squares, plazas and Venetian-like experience where residents can enjoy fine dining restaurants and luxurious shops.

For more information about Qanat Quartier and The Pearl-Qatar, visit the UDC website.