Fourteen physicians have joined the Bone and Joint Centre of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) after successfully completing their residency training programmes. The new physicians, who completed programmes in orthopaedic surgery, foot and ankle surgery, and spine surgery, were recognised during a ceremony at the Wyndham Grand Regency Hotel this June.

Director of Bone and Joint Centre Dr Mohamed Al Ateeq, said the graduates have completed excellent training programmes and demonstrated their capacity and capabilities to become leaders in orthopaedics and rehabilitation research, education, and patient care.

Dr Abdullatif Al Khal, HMC Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Director of Medical Education, praised the efforts of the new graduates, complimenting their clinical skills and dedication to patient care. He said that the residency programme of HMC is an important investment in Qatar’s future and a vital step in a physician’s progression to practice.

Residencies help prepare physicians for productive careers in medicine. HMC’s residency and fellowship programmes play an essential role in providing Qatar’s next generation of physicians with the training and education they need to deliver the very best care. Hamad is a premier teaching hospital internationally-recognised for commitment to high-quality medical education.’

Dr Manaf Younis, who spoke on behalf of the graduating physicians, thanked both HMC and the Orthopaedics Department for their commitment to medical education and the development of residency programmes that provide new doctors with supervised practice in an environment conducive to learning highly specialised skills.

During the ceremony, a number of physicians were also recognised for their performance in the residency programme.

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