Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) has officially launched the ‘Freestyle Aquatics at Aspire’, a pioneering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme that benefits people with disabilities, at the indoor swimming pool in Aspire Dome, the largest multipurpose dome of its kind in the world.

The Freestyle Aquatics at Aspire programme offers aquatics training for people with disabilities of all ages comprised of swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling lessons. The programme was founded by two volunteer coaches, Kathleen Bates and Jojo Musa, from non-profit organisation, Freestyle Aquatics, and is sponsored by Sasol’s Accessible Qatar – an award-winning initiative focused on raising awareness and improving the accessibility of venues across Qatar, and D-Adapt.

D-Adapt, a participating partner in this programme, is a trademark of Al Diyar Agency that understands the needs of people with limited mobility and adapt solutions to improve their lives in terms of accessibility.

Together with AZF, they hope to help people with disabilities lead healthier lifestyles, overcome stereotypes, have active roles in their communities, and be respected as equal members of the society.

Commenting on their support to the programme, Maurice Radebe, Deputy Executive Vice President at Sasol said:

At Sasol, we believe that accessibility is essential to building an inclusive society, and recognise that sport is an area where accessibility can have the greatest impact on the physical and mental health of people with disabilities. We are delighted to join hands with Aspire Zone, Freestyle Aquatics, and D-Adapt to make this programme possible. The Accessible Qatar initiative is part of our commitment to make Qatar an international leader when it comes to accessibility, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.

Coach Jojo Musa with Abdulrahman Al Yafei

During the opening ceremony, AZF and its partners Sasol and D-Adapt uncovered a wheelchair lift that will help people with disabilities access the pool areas in an easy and safe fashion.

Meanwhile, Abdulrahman Al Yafi, a participant at Freestyle Aquatics at Aspire for more than two months, said:

I’m glad to be part of the official launch of the programme, which has benefited me a lot. The personal trainers tend to the participants throughout the training session, and I believe that people with disabilities would benefit greatly from the programme.

This programme is part of AZF’s CSR initiatives, and it builds on AZF’s existing efforts to help provide people with disabilities with as many opportunities to practice their favourite sports throughout the year.

Accessible Qatar hosts expertly-audited data and user-submitted reviews of tourist locations and venues across Qatar on an easy-to-use website and mobile app. By downloading the Accessible Qatar App, the disabled community and tourists can move with confidence throughout Doha and meet their accessibility needs.