We were so happy to come back to the new Pullman Doha West Bay where we had enjoyed their wonderful breakfast choices in the Avenue Restaurant.

A true five-star hotel with a stellar international history and reputation, the new Pullman hotel in Al Dafna is inviting and friendly. It looks spacious and feels fresh; the decor is colourful and modern; huge windows give panoramic views, and, you can drive straight in, it’s unbelievably easy!

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The Avenue Friday Brunch welcomes you with an interesting selection of cocktails; my choice featured lychees and was a perfect appetiser. There are lots of starters on display but firstly you are treated to a spectacular Japanese starter ‘box’ of varietal sushi, sashimi, nigiri (with wasabi and ginger to taste) and the ultimate and original in ’special taste and texture’ – fresh, raw and utterly awesome oysters.

Now you can navigate the cold section, with salads, dressings and mezzes, enhanced by cold cuts, seafood specialities, slices of chicken and salmon, for you to accumulate and formulate.

But my eyes were drawn to something which is becoming increasingly popular – baked Camembert. With a piece or two of fresh baguette, the hot cheese was a new and enjoyable experience.

Global gourmet experience

The ‘global gourmet’ experience is everywhere on view. Avenue boasted of four pillars of excellence – Japanese, Turkish, American and French – and now they have welcomed Rene, their new Mexican chef, the offerings will only get more flavoursome and with yet more variety.  For your main dish(es), you’ll love the Turkish Mixed Grill, or the Iskender Doner Kebab, or the Hamour a la Talla, the Sirloin steak, the Testi Kebab, the Teriyaki Duck, the Chow Mein Seafood, the Eggplant Miso, the Prawns and Calamari – yes, it’s a long list but it’s not just long, it’s a varied and interesting list from all four corners of the globe with food that you can really enjoy without being too calorific.

You will love the dainty dessert treats  – but what’s this for goodness sake?! – here comes the Avenue dessert of desserts: a great big chocolate sphere is presented to our table and we are told to ‘bash the balloon’. Like guerrillas storming a castle, our spoons rained blows upon the walls and then triumphantly we gazed over the ruined ramparts and feasted our eyes on the mellifluous mess within, a mélange, a medley of tastes and texture each spoonful of which seemingly more succulent than the previous. That includes the fallen chocolate which at 66% cocoa may be the perfect compromise between smooth and milky and rich and dark. All in all, it was awesome and also such fun.

The Avenue chefs are both innovative and inspired. There are truly great signature dishes. The variety derived from hundreds of years of evolving human cultures and civilisations brought together here literally at your fingertips, or maybe at the tip of your tongue. Choose whatever you like or ask the chefs for their insight; stick to what you know or set off and explore for new discoveries.

No dish is ordinary and none is overdone either. Delicately infused and garnished, they will definitely tick all your required boxes and epitomise the skills and vision of the Pullman chefs and the infinite variety of dishes and tastes they produce from the ultra-modern ‘global gourmet’ kitchen.

Harmonious musical accompaniment, featuring Latino, modern and mid-modern melodies, is provided by a glamorous singer supported by talented artists on keyboard and drums.

Friday Brunch at the Avenue, Pullman Doha West Bay is available from 12:30 pm to 4 pm, QAR300 with soft drinks, QAR445 with cocktails and sparkling drinks. A group of six gets a 20% discount.

For more information and reservations, send an email to [email protected]. You can also send them a message via their WhatsApp number – 3301 3666.

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Author: Terry Sutcliffe

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