Interchange 5:6The Pearl-Qatar is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places in the country. Its colourful structures and resorts-like vibe, matched with a variety of entertainment offers, has made it a must-see place when in Qatar. If you’re a resident and haven’t really explored this gem, this summer is a good time to check it out. 

It takes around 10 to 15 minutes to reach The Pearl-Qatar from the West Bay area. The wider roads have made the drive easier, although you need to be mindful of the signs to make sure you don’t end up in Lusail City instead. The welcoming arches of Interchange 5/6 (aptly called in commemoration of the blockade), perfectly sit in the middle of the Lusail Expressway, a reminder that you’re halfway there. A dhow trip to The Pearl-Qatar is also offered by the National Cruise Agency. If you’d rather take a leisurely dhow ride going there, you can check more details here.

While taking photos using smartphones are generally allowed, the use of cameras inside The Pearl-Qatar requires permission.

Leisure Living

The concept for The Pearl-Qatar is leisure living, to offer residents all the amenities and lifestyle privileges available and within reach in Qatar. Managed and developed by UDC, it is the crown jewel in a series of projects following the same concept. The Pearl-Qatar offers apartments, villas, townhouses, diverse leisure and entertainment facilities, award-winning marinas and beautiful serene beaches. It truly is a masterpiece of private and modern living, where life takes on a beautiful angle no matter where you set your eyes.

 You can’t visit The Pearl-Qatar and experience all of its attractions in one go. The variety of dining options caters to all –  local and international cuisines abound – matched only with as many coffee shops and dessert outlets, where you can sit back and contemplate on your next meal. As it is a mixed residential and commercial district, most commercial establishments at The Pearl-Qatar are concentrated on three areas – Qanat Quartier, Medina Centrale and Porto Arabia. Each of these three districts have their own charm and structures inspired by popular cities in Europe.


Qanat Quartier, with its intricate canals and stylish bridges will remind visitors of Venice. Qanat is an Arabic term which means canal. With its colourful Venetian character, Qanat Quartier is carefully planned around intricate canals and pedestrian-friendly squares and plazas. Edged by sandy bays embracing the Arabian Gulf, Qanat Quartier is an intriguingly complex area in which a true Riviera lifestyle can be enjoyed.

Medina Centrale is the town centre, offering a unique blend of residential, shopping and leisure experiences with the charming ambience of the Mediterranean. Within the central shopping zone of Medina Centrale, one can find a full range of retail and community services, a wide selection of food and beverage outlets, and parking for 3,500 cars. Medina Centrale also serves as a prime residential area at The Pearl-Qatar.

Porto Arabia captures the sophisticated essence of the Riviera. Conducive to the highest standards of living, it is reminiscent of a continental harbour, yet positively alive with Arabian warmth and charm. Home to The Pearl-Qatar’s main harbour, Porto Arabia combines elegant towers and townhouses in a spectacular location. The Island’s first phase is set around a colourful waterfront – La Croisette – a lively 2.5 kilometre lined with fine shopping and dining, its architecture inspired by the best French, Italian and Spanish architecture.

Links to reviews made by Marhaba Foodie Sarah Morris on three popular restaurants at The Pearl-Qatar are attached below.



For more information about UDC, visit You can also check for more details about The Pearl-Qatar.  You can also download The Pearl-Qatar app on your smartphone.

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