Galeries Lafayette Doha is celebrating Qatar National Day (QND) from 1 December until the 18th, all dressed up in Qatari colours, emanating from the pride that the day entails.

The highlight of the celebrations are the store windows designed exclusively in collaboration with Qatari artist Aisha Al Thani. A lover of traditional Arabic calligraphy, Aisha loves presenting culture through her designs. Her exclusive calligraphy for Galeries Lafayette Doha, in striking gold and maroon, depicts the QND slogans through the years.

Galleries Lafayette 3The calligraphy art merges all the words into one larger artwork representing the artist’s vision of the unity of people in Qatar. Through her creativity, Aisha tells the wonderful story of the founding fathers and how their everlasting principles and values still resonate to this day.

Speaking about the exhibit, Aisha said that her art represents her love for country, about family, home and solidarity.

She said that the Galeries Lafayette Doha did a beautiful job in portraying the emotions the day involves. From the choice of colours, which are culturally relevant, to the idea of the timeline for the QND slogans – she said these were all very well thought through and was the perfect theme to depict her art.

It is very gratifying to know that I have done it to celebrate my country. Also, it is interesting and fun seeing my ‘classical’ form of calligraphy merged as an art form with fashion.

The theme of the celebrations is also reflected in exclusive dishes created for the occasion at the restaurants and cafes in Galeries Lafayette Doha. Limited-edition desserts and a savory item have been carefully designed and include traditional ingredients from Qatar and the region.

Galleries Lafayette 1Galleries Lafayette 2This fusion of the right, delectable ingredients is reflective of the vibrant Qatari culture.

Each dish is a gastronomical delight and equally satisfying for the eye and soul.

As part of the ongoing celebrations, Galeries Lafayette Doha will host the exclusive launch of a new fragrance from the brand of Qatari influencer Abdulla Al Abdulla on 16 December. The fragrance has been created especially for Qatar National Day and is sure to add to the spirit of the occasion.

Galeries Lafayette Doha General Manager Kevin Gerard Pender said they have always taken pride in the Qatari heritage and Qatar National Day is one of the most celebrated occasions in their store.

Our celebrations reflect our pride in our identity and embody the nation’s values. Our store, windows and special items at our F&B outlets have all been planned and designed to celebrate this great nation.

The collaboration with Aisha Al Thani and Abdulla Al Abdulla not only reinforce Galeries Lafayette’s commitment to support and highlight local talents but also creates a unique experience – which is intrinsically Qatari – for clients.

Galeries Lafayette Doha is located in Katara Cultural Village. For updates and more information, visit