Garanga’oh Celebrations in Qatar

MoI joins Garanga’oh celebration –  Ramadan Traffic campaign continues

moi-garangaohThe Ministry of Interior (MoI) represented by various departments joined the children’s celebration of Garanga’oh Night on Tuesday 23 July 2013 as the kids were outdoors with happiness as part of this traditional festival in the month of Ramadan.

The Traffic Department celebrated the night at the Hayat Plaza under the national traffic safety brand (One Second) in association with Qatar Gas. The small children participating with Garanga’oh song while many comic characters dressed in traditional wears also accompanied them in the roundup in the plaza. Children were distributed kits of sweets and goodies.

Many interesting contests were held as part of the celebration to raise awareness among the children on traffic safety. They were quizzed about traffic signal, safe road crossing practices, how to get in and get out of the school buses safely and other traffic safety tips. Right answers were won prizes. As well, a skit was played on traffic safety for children.

Apart from this, Traffic Department distributed Garanga’oh gifts at counters in the headquarters of the department and a group from the department visited children at Hamad hospital to make them part of this celebration.

Over 100 Children celebrate Garanga’oh at Al Mirqab Boutique Hotel

Over 100 children dressed in traditional costumes celebrated a colourful Garanga’oh Night on souq-waqif-garangaoTuesday 23 July 2013 at Al Mirqab Boutique Hotel, part of the Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels collection, where they were treated to an evening full of fun-filled surprises. Children were able to spend time with a storyteller who shared with them tales of Qatar’s culture and heritage, as well as enjoy a variety of activities that are part of the annual Garanga’oh custom, including games of musical chairs, creative arts and crafts session and Qatari Bread Baking, amongst other competitions. The night ended with raffle draws for 10 complimentary Iftar and a surprising one night stay at Al Mirqab Boutique Hotel.  Vibrantly designed Garangaoh giveaways containing Arabic sweets, nuts and snacks were distributed to children during the event, which has been part of Qatar’s history.

Ooredoo celebrates Garanga’oh in Souq Waqif

ooredoo-garangao-2aOoredoo celebrated the Qatari tradition of Garanga’oh by bringing smiles to families and children at Souq Waqif, as part of the company’s Alrabaa (Friends) campaign during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Shortly after the Ishaa evening prayer, Ooredoo’s Alrabaa, a group of seven characters, along with volunteers from Ooredoo and the Qatar community, distributing sweets, singing songs and taking photos with children and families.

ROTA celebrates Garanga’oh with children at Hamad Hospital

Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) celebrated the joy of Garanga’oh with child patients at the Hamad garangaou-celebration-at-hamad-hospital-7Hospital’s Pediatric Ward as part of ROTA’s Ramadan 2013 Project, sponsored by Occidental Petroleum of Qatar Ltd (Oxy Qatar).

ROTA volunteers coordinated fun activities and games with child patients for the traditional Qatari celebration and distributed bags filled with toys, sweets and nuts while they sang the traditional Garangaou song.

ROTA’s Ramadan 2013 Project sponsored by Oxy Qatar includes an extensive program of community activities, such as distributing groceries to families in need, celebrating Iftar with Community Partners; and conducting house renovations for families in need.

Having partners from both private and public sectors, ROTA expresses its close relationship with responsible companies during the holy season for the benefit of the people in need, by engaging them in its humanitarian project.

In this context, Salad Boutique restaurant, one of ROTA private partners for the Ramadan 2013 project, announced the restaurant will donate 5% of its daily sales to ROTA, and in addition, the restaurant will also include on its Instagram an account quiz about ROTA.

Likewise, the restaurant will host a Suhoor on Friday 26 July 2013 and all proceeds will be donated to ROTA. The donations will be used by ROTA to support charity and goodwill projects to further improve the standard of living and the quality of life for all.

Thousands of children participate in AZF’s Garanga’oh Festival

garangaoh-aspireChildren across the country enjoyed a fun night of activities organised by the Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) for the traditional Garanga’oh festival. The children’s festival falls on the 14th day of Ramadan whereby youngsters dress up in traditional garb, sing a special Garanga’oh song and receive sweets from neighbours collected in carefully designed cotton bags.

This year AZF arranged a small cultural village in Aspire Park which reflected the houses built in older times in the Gulf area for the event, as part of the “Welcome to Aspire” yearly Ramadan campaign. The village contains six model houses named after famous areas in Qatar such as Al Bida, Al Wajbah, Dukhan and Zubarah.

Knocking on the doors of the village houses, the children were greeted by women dressed in traditional clothing offering them treats and candy which are put in fashionable bags made especially for the event.

As part of the celebrations a film for all ages was broadcast by the Doha Film Institute (DFI) and an Instagram competition for the child with the best traditional outfit was launched. The winner, who will be awarded an iPad Mini, will be the one who receives the most ‘likes’ and is to be announced on Friday 26 July 2013.

QFA celebrates Garanga’oh in Lagoona Mall

Hundreds of children visited the QFA stand in Lagoona Mall to celebrate the long awaited exciting qfa-garangaonight, Garanga’oh. Dressed in traditional clothes, the children eagerly collected sweets and nuts and filled their special cotton bags.

Garanga’oh, is a festival for children that is celebrated on 14th day of Ramadan in the region. Children chant various traditional songs and roam around the neighbourhood while collecting candy and nuts.

The celebration created an atmosphere of fun and joy in line with QFA’s ongoing mission to reinforce Qatari culture and traditions and promote a sense of community.

QFA held Garanga’oh gift-distribution from 8:30 pm to 10 pm to allow many children to get a chance to collect their share of candy.

Qatar National Library celebrates Ramadan with a special Garanga’oh event

a-group-photo-for-qatar-national-library-team-with-guests-during-the-garangao-event-2013Qatar National Library (QNL) and Qatar Foundation’s Community Services hosted an event for children on Tuesday 23 July 2013. QNL, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, rejoiced in the spirit of Ramadan with fellow employees and their families at the Qatar Foundation recreation center.

Aimed at promoting local traditions and customs, the event was organised in conjunction with the office of the Supreme Education Council (SEC) Vice Chair, HE Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani, as part of a Ramadan reading programme.

During the fun-filled event, 800 children participated in a variety of traditional activities that have been passed down throughout the generations. Apart from receiving the traditional Garanga’oh gifts and sweets, the children were also given complimentary books provided by the SEC as part of the proposed National Reading Campaign. The event also featured a number of entertaining activities, including arts and crafts, storytelling, time-honoured folk songs, and amusing shows for children.