The 28th Meeting of GCC immigration directors hosted by Qatar, discussed the possibility of avoiding residence permit stickers on passports of expatriates and to use ID card instead of them, codifying all the vital information of the residents on it. The three day meeting, at Ritz Carlton, is scheduled to be concluded on Tuesday 3 September 2013 is being attended by delegations from all GCC countries.

The importance of working on electronic automated link between the Gulf Cooperation Council, which works to facilitate the procedures for visas and residence permits between the GCC and shorten the time and effort was also discussed at the meet.

The meeting was chaired by Brig. Yousuf bin Ahmed Al-Ghatm, assistant undersecretary of Borders and Search & Follow up in Kingdom of Bahrain.

As per the directives of their Excellencies the Ministers of Interior of the GCC countries, the meeting would like to look on joint security work to address decisively to impose order and security and to increase cooperation and coordination among GCC countries in the field of immigration in terms of raising the efficiency of workers in the field of immigration through training and development, thus contributing to the restoration of the internal security of the GCC countries, he said.

Al-Ghatm explained that they are looking forward to the meeting to translate aspirations of the GCC countries which have a special relationship and a common future, driving them towards closer coordination and integration to achieve the objectives and principles upon which the Cooperation Council is based in order to accomplish the higher interest of our homelands.

The head of Qatari delegation Brig. Abdullah Salim Al-Ali welcomed the participating delegations and conveyed them the greetings of HE the Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Sheikh Abdulla bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani for the meeting.  He hoped that the meeting will bring positive results and good outcomes in work mechanism of immigration and nationality fields. He added that the General Secretariat of GCC has followed up the decision of their Excellencies the Minister of Interior to ensure its execution for closer cooperation and coordination in immigration and nationality field.

On his part, Brig. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Ateeq, director of Search and Follow up Department, said that this meeting reviews a number of operational procedures on decisions of the twenty seventh meeting of Their Excellencies the ministers of the interior of GCC and there are a number of topics on the agenda, including measures on granting of visas for the movement of GCC residents (expats) between member countries and the facilities provided to them in addition to discussion on training and exchange of information on immigration and residence permit.

The meeting also discussed a proposal submitted by the State of Qatar on importance training sessions for GCC immigration employees and the grant them diploma in this filed on successful completion of the course.