Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) will be kicking off the beginning of its tenth academic year in Education City at the new student convocation ceremony to be held this evening on the school’s campus.

The annual ceremony follows a week of new student orientation activities for members of the class of 2018, which includes enrollment from 24 different countries, including one-third Qatari students.

Dean and CEO, Dr Gerd Nonneman, said:

The new student convocation is an exciting time on campus as it marks the beginning of a four-year journey that has a big impact on the rest of the students’ lives. Our broad and very challenging International Affairs curriculum, which is the same as offered on our campus in Washington, DC, continues to attract the top students in Qatar, the region, and from around the world. Their energy and commitment to gaining knowledge and making the world a better place is a driving force behind our efforts in Qatar.’

The GU-Q convocation is the formal initiation into the academic community at Georgetown, and will introduce new students and their families to key elements of Georgetown’s history, traditions, and commitment to its founding values, including the Honor Pledge.

Attendees will be welcomed by current Georgetown student and the current Student Government President Mohamed Sirelkhatim (Class of 2015) and Associate Professor M Reza Pirbhai. In addition to hearing from student and faculty speakers, all newly enrolled students will don academic robes to signal their formal entry into the community of scholars. These same robes, with the addition of hoods, will later serve as graduation gowns. Convocation is a mandatory step for new students joining the university.

Director of Admissions, Joseph Hernandez, said:

Georgetown has been steadily expanding our programme offerings and research activities. I certainly look forward to the many achievements and contributions to this growth and success that this promising new cohort of students, officially joining our academic community today, will be making.’

GU-Q prepares students for a wide variety of careers by providing a four-year liberal arts education focused on the multidisciplinary study of international affairs. Students have the opportunity to major in Culture and Politics, International History, International Economics, and International Politics, and can choose a focus of study to earn a Certificate in American Studies, Arab and Regional Studies, and the recently launched Media and Politics Certificate, offered jointly with Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q).