Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) dean, Dr Safwan Masri, recently hosted an exclusive media roundtable with leading media organisations, where he unveiled his ambitious vision for the future of the institution and showcased groundbreaking initiatives aimed at expanding the impact of global education and propelling GU-Q to preeminence in the region. GU-Q is a partner university of Qatar Foundation

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GU-Q Dean Dr Safwan Masri

Conversing in both Arabic and English, Dean Masri emphasised GU-Q’s crucial role as a vibrant hub of global education, enabling also the exchange of knowledge with local partners and acting as a bridge between the region and the United States, and actively contributing to the globalisation of Georgetown University.

Dean Masri also recognised the critical role media play in bridging the gap between the world of higher education and the public. He said that at the intersection of media and academia, they can jointly inspire robust civic discourse to advance an informed citizenry.

Future plans

In support of that effort, the dean announced the university’s plan to establish a comprehensive database featuring Georgetown University’s impressive roster of world-renowned scholars and industry experts who can provide valuable insights and contextualise complex issues to ensure accurate and informed reporting about international affairs.

One of the highlights of the event was Dean Masri’s announcement of the university’s strategic blueprint to enhance its global profile. Collaborating with local institutions and Georgetown’s Washington, DC campus, GU-Q aims to bolster its expertise in critical areas such as international security, global economics and America’s relationship with the region.

When asked about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education, the dean highlighted two paths: either resisting its progress or embracing it to enhance learning and prepare students for the yet-to-be-defined future of work. He cited GU-Q graduates as prime examples of individuals well-positioned to shape the jobs of tomorrow, emphasizing the university’s commitment to evolving alongside advancing technologies.

The media roundtable also sheds light on a series of upcoming events that will anchor GU-Q as a hub of community engagement and intellectual activity in the coming year.

Conferences, book launches, distinguished lectures, and programmes featuring diplomats and scholars in residence are set to provide students, scholars, as well as the Qatari public, with opportunities for intellectual exploration and exchange.

Notable conferences on the agenda include

  • America and the Middle East: 20 Years after the War in Iraq
  • Global Histories and Practices of Islamophobia
  • Confronting the Impasse: Doha Symposium on Afghanistan and the Region
  • Water Security in the Gulf: Developing a 50–100-Year Vision
  • International Law and the Global South
  • Global Energy Cultures: How Energy Shapes Our Everyday Life

With further strategic initiatives planned beyond the near future, Dean Masri said they look forward to continuing the university’s fruitful dialogue on education and knowledge exchange.

In his closing remarks, he expressed his profound admiration for the rich cultural experiences he encountered during his early months in Qatar. He commended the exceptional quality of students, the unique approach to education in Qatar and the nation’s genuine commitment to arts, culture, education, sports, and communications.

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