Since Qatar Finland International School (QFIS) hosted the Young Ambassadors Academy provided by Sustainable Qatar earlier this year, there has been a buzz amongst the students to do something for the environment – not just saving the planet but to really act and do concrete things. What was decided is that the school will join the Eco Schools programme.

Running for 25 years, Eco Schools is an international programme for schools that engages more than 19 million students from around the world. Here in Qatar, the programme is run by Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC).

Eco Schools QGBCStudents from Grades 7 to 9 at QFIS who wanted to contribute to protecting the environment have already formed an Eco Committee.

Recently, the Eco Committee received a visit from Ruba Hinnawi of QGBC. She held a workshop for students and explained what the programme is about and how at the end, there is a Green Flag award for the school. They offer partnerships and support for the implementation of activities needed.

Ruba wanted the students to remember three things: first, that they are the leaders and should set an example to others. Therefore, they should start thinking and presenting ideas. Second, keep in mind the 12 themes of the programme like waste, energy and climate, so they can start thinking of factors they want to change. Third, there are seven steps in the programme which guide the school towards that Green Flag.

The students listened, participated and started to comment on things they would like to change at school. The main point of the programme is to increase student participation and give them a chance to make a difference and take the message forward.

The final message – be the change that the world needs! These students have the power to change their lifestyle and the mindset of others as well.

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