The Office of Graduate Studies at Qatar University (QU) under the Office of the Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies recently offered a two-day graduate faculty professional development programme aimed at maximising the mentoring potential of QU graduate faculty.

Organised in collaboration with the QU Office of Faculty and Instructional Development (OFID), the event drew participation from more than 150 graduate students and faculty. The programme was also aimed to strengthen the graduate community within the QU.

The two-day event included a number of presentations delivered by QU Institutional Review Board Chairperson Dr Khalid Alali, College of Pharmacy Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies Dr Feras Alali and Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr Fatima Mraiche, College of Engineering Acting Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Professor Abbes Amira and Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering Dr Ahmed Massoud, QU Laboratory Animal Research Centre Director Dr Hamda Al Naemi, and Ohio University Professor of Educational Studies Dr Gordon Brooks.

Topics discussed were focused on the common pitfalls that graduate students and thesis supervisors face in research design and methodology. They also addressed the issue of avoiding conflict, the multiple approaches of graduate student supervision as well as the best practices in supervision across QU. This was further supported by success stories of outstanding graduate students who benefitted from a close student-mentor collaboration even beyond the thesis research project.

QU Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Professor Mariam Al Maadeed commended the Office of Graduate Studies and the Office of Faculty and Instructional Development for their efforts, and said it was a ground-breaking effort by QU to build a graduate community. Graduate Studies Acting Dean Dr Ahmed Elzatahry said that the event highlights the role of the Graduate Studies Office who can provide more than administrative support to graduate programmes.

OFID Director Dr Arslan Ayari said that the Graduate Faculty Professional Development event offered a great opportunity for education professionals to team up, share their expertise and widen their network.

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