Audi Qatar and Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa granted 70 orphans from Dhreima Center a fairytale experience.

A set of luxurious Audi cars were provided to transport the children from the Dhreima Center to Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa where they enjoyed an exquisite iftar dinner.

General Manager at Dhreima, Khalid Kamal, said:

In the name of the Qatari Orphan Foundation, we would like to thank Audi Qatar and Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa for organising this special evening for the children, where happiness is clearly displayed on each of their faces. The foundation serves four categories: Ordinary orphans (children who lost father or both parents), orphans of unknown father, orphans of unknown parents and general social orphan-hood. As a social worker, working with children makes you appreciate the smallest details of life, and that helps us strive to keep them happy. This invitation, amongst others that Dhreima has received during Ramadan, reflects the social responsibility both public and private institutions share towards orphans. We wish everyone a Ramadan Mubarak.’

Director of Sales & Marketing at Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa, Zeid Talhami, said:

Hosting the Dhreima children was not only a rewarding experience for them, but also for us. Seeing the smile on each child’s face brought us satisfaction as it was reassurance we achieved our aim: to make their experience every bit as enchanting as it should be. We worked hard to ensure everything from the food, to the ambience, to the activities provided would bring the children happiness, and please all ages. It was important to host them in a familial environment, which each and every one of them deserves. We would also like to thank Audi for being part of this activity.’

Upon arrival, the children were escorted to one of the grand ballrooms of the hotel, which was especially set up to provide a warm and comfortable ambiance. A wide selection of healthy food suitable for fasting habits was prepared in an open international buffet, ranging delicacies from different cuisines.

A range of activities and entertainment were also provided during the iftar in which children from ages 6-18 were able to enjoy, completing a memorably, majestic experience.