Education City Golf Club (ECGC) has some great offers to help keep everyone active and engaged this holy month of Ramadan. 

Some people tend to be more sedentary during this month and to burn those extra calories you need to make sure to keep active by at least going for a walk everyday or to try out the ECGC Driving Range or Par 3 course in the evening hours. A few tips to get you through the holy month and which can even be adapted into our daily lives:

  1. Drink eight glasses of water daily to prevent dehydration
  2. Sleep for six to eight hours a day to get sufficient mental and physical rest. Less sleep means you will feel tired during the day which in turns leads to less productivity and activity
  3. Have a balanced varied Iftar which incorporates dates, soup, salad, a main dish, fruits and a small piece of Ramadan sweet
  4. Walk or participate in some kind of physical activity
  5. Have Suhoor to fill your body with energy and help regulate your blood sugar

Fluids are very important for the health and vitality of the body during the fasting period and it is important to drink plenty of water, in addition to other refreshing drinks. This is also important during a round of golf!


Great Offers this Holy Month

For the month of Ramadan, ECGC have some great offers for everyone!

For the those looking to play golf this May, they have the twilight rates from 2 pm, and the early risers morning golf deals on their six Hole Championship Course. For those looking to learn to play golf, you can sign up for lessons this Ramadan and get exclusive access to the gym. ECGC Group Package starts from QAR650 for their Get Into Golf Program.

For those who want to improve their golf game this season, you can opt to purchase 12 Buckets of Balls for QAR450. 

Check this link for more information on their Ramadan offers. Visit to learn more the Education City Golf Club.