Starting with artworks from the 20th century and concluding with artworks that were created on the spot, “Greek Art and Orientalism” that jointly organised by Cultural Village Foundation-Katara, the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic in Doha and the curator Marilena Koutsoukou opened on Sunday at Katara.

The event will continue until 30 March, stressed the interaction of Arabic and Greek cultures that have resulted in beautiful art, and inspired by the images and spirit of the East.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the representatives of diplomatic missions in Doha, showcases the artwork of Greek artists who are being constantly inspired by the tales of the Middle East, and its contemporary culture.

Ahmad Al Sayed, Deputy Director for Operations Affairs at the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara said:

Holding this exhibition is an illustration of the historic and cultural ties between east and west. The event highlights the impact of the Arabic and Islamic culture on others culture arts, literature and architecture.’

His Excellency Ioannis Metaxas, Greek Ambassador in Doha said:

It would be very interesting for Qatari public to discover some Greek artists who, over the years, were influenced by oriental art, the closest foreign art to Greece. This interaction is not just a phenomenon in the art. It reflects the strong historic links between the Greek nation and the Arab world since the antiquity; and since Greek and Qatar are members of the Francophone organisations.’

‘This exhibition recalls the role of the Greek culture and art as a bridge between the European and the Arab world, as both are influenced by the Greek culture.’

In this context, Qatar has been a particularly important source of inspiration. A land that combines the history of the desert and the nomads and a thriving, rising metropolis.

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