A fleet of ‘green’ buses will be running throughout COP18/CMP8 to ensure that the event minimises the impact on the environment.

About 17,000 people will be staying in Doha for at least two weeks during the UN Climate Change Conference, and to cut down on traffic pollution, a fleet of buses will take delegates and other participants from hotels to the Qatar National Convention Centre, where the conference will be held, the Doha Exhibition Centre, where the Sustainability Expo is being held, and some of the city’s top tourist attractions.

A total of 100 buses will run on gas-to-liquids fuel, a cleaner form of fuel.

Alanoud Al-Meghaisib, head of the Accommodation, Transport and Volunteers at COP18/CMP8, said:

This is diesel made from natural gas and is an ordinary diesel, so these buses will emit fewer pollutants into the atmosphere, which will have significant benefits on local air quality.

Throughout the Conference, which runs from 26 November to 7 December, two buses that run on compressed natural gas and six hybrid buses will operate on a ‘green route’ between the QNCC and Doha Exhibition Centre.

Vehicles that use compressed natural gas release fewer pollutants such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and hybrids use an electric motor to cut down on harmful emissions. The buses have been supplied by Mowasalat, Qatar’s state public transport company, which is currently undertaking a study with Qatar Petroleum and WOQOD, the state fuel distribution company, to look at updating its fleet with compressed natural gas buses.

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