GUQ annual business publication

The members of the Georgetown University in Qatar’s (GU-Q) student business club, Georgetown SFS-Q Business Society (GBS), have recently launched the first issue of the annual business publication entitled the Georgetown SFS-Qatar Enterprise.

The student-published magazine is the first of its kind for the university whose graduates go on to pursue careers in various fields including business. With this project, the Enterprise magazine inaugural student team aimed at providing a platform for the GU-Q community to discuss current business issues from various academic and professional perspectives while highlighting the GU-Q’s students’ business acumen. GU-Q student, Muhammad Saif Kazi, who served as the Founder and Chief Advisor for the magazine, said:

The primary goal of Enterprise magazine and GBS was to promote the business acumen present in the university. The education delivered at GU-Q and its community structure stimulates corporate-oriented discussion and hones the incredible business acumen our students possess.’

The magazine offers GU-Q students the opportunity to showcase everything they have learned throughout their all-encompassing selection of core academics and to demonstrate how their education can also be applied in corporate sector careers.

GU-Q students devote much of the first two years to a core curriculum that provides the foundation for further intellectual development. During the sophomore year, students with interest in business and economics can opt for International Economics major, where they receive rigorous training in economic analysis and quantitative methods. Through courses on international trade, international finance, economic development and globalisation, students acquire the skills required to understand markets and economic relationships among countries. They learn to evaluate the effects of policy on the economic welfare of individuals, corporations, and countries.

Enterprise magazine’s Editor in Chief, Barbara Gallets, said:

Working on this project from conception to completion allowed me to see the business minds of GU-Q students in action. Our team of eleven students worked as a tight-knit business unit, planning and coordinating across departments. From producing the magazine’s content, layout, and design, to publicising its launch, we all collaborated to ensure our product’s quality.’

Gallets added that Qatar National Vision 2030 was a natural choice for the first issue theme with the elements of Qatar’s economy diversification initiatives such as education, sports, arts, culture, healthcare and tourism reflected in the magazine cover design.

The publication contains contributions from GU-Q students, staff, faculty and alumni in addition to interviews and features from professionals working in various leading organizations in Qatar’s private sector.

Offering his remarks at the magazine launch event, Dr Gerd Nonneman, dean of GU-Q, congratulated the students on their initiative and its successful realisation. Dean Nonneman said:

The Enterprise Magazine idea was not only conceived and executed extremely well, but it also links directly to Georgetown’s academic curriculum, and to some of the university’s key values and strategic priorities, not least engaging society and the wider business community.’

The magazine inaugural team comprises eleven GU-Q students, Muhammad Saif Kazi, Kareem Malas, Khawaja Hamza Ahmed, Mohammad Taimur Ali, Barbara Gallets, Joseph Hahn, Emma Mogensen, Ibrahim AlRajhi, Walli Ullah, Siwon Kim, Amal Farooqui and VCU graduate Carisa Antariksa, who was the lead designer for the magazine.