GU-Q to Launch Safe Driving Programme

georgetown_s_sfsq_logoDriving just got safer for the faculty and staff at Education City’s Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) with the planned launch of Safe Driving, a programme designed to teach already licensed drivers practical skills for roadway safety.

Qatar’s fast paced growth and integration in the global marketplace has seen an influx of people from all over the world. The international population has meant that a wonderful mix of foods, customs, and languages can be found all over Doha. But it also means another thing: a not so wonderful mix of driving cultures, which often presents a driving hazard to expats not familiar with the best strategies to stay safe on the roads.

Pointed to the need for car safety training, Clare Wait, Director of Facilities Management at GU-Q and Programme Organiser, said:

The exposure to vehicle accidents has been identified as one of the highest risks for our GU-Q community. This is why we decided to offer information, awareness materials, and practical instruction on defensive driving techniques for the newest faculty who will be joining us this August, then expanded this programme to include all staff and faculty, as well as spouses.’

GU-Q, also known as the School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Q), opened in Qatar in 2005 as a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. The university is a branch campus of the Georgetown University Edmund A Walsh School of Foreign Service. Currently, GU-Q offers a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service degree with the ability to major in one of three fields: International Politics, Culture and Politics, and International Economics. The curriculum of these majors is identical to that offered in Georgetown’s main campus.

Christopher Wilson, the Director of Risk at GU-Q, said:

Ultimately, we want to achieve a zero accident goal for our community…By providing formal training to incoming faculty and staff, we stand a greater chance of ensuring everyone has the tools they need to make the transition to Doha’s unique driving culture, a safe one.’

The training will be provided by Tracks Apart Ltd, a UK-based driving safety solutions and specialised training company, and will include a structured training package that teaches theoretical knowledge and practical skills to operate and work safely. The course syllabus will include vehicle systems orientation, safe driving rules, emergency procedures, and defensive driving techniques. The classroom teaching will be paired with vehicular hands on training on public roads.