GWC (QPSC) recently held a ceremony to celebrate 1000 days of no Loss Time Injury (LTI), reflecting team work and operational excellence under highest safety standards.

The company began working on a two-phase project with Total and Dolphin Energy in late 2015 and has continued to date without any LTI on site, which has now exceeded 1000 days. A dedicated team of 20 personnel working on the RMO Supply Base ensured their continued commitment to safety by following a number of protocols set for the base operations. Among these protocols include a daily toolbox talk to discuss topics on safety and the expected operations of the day, regular monthly safety drills, a company-wide emphasis on PPE and HSE, as well as coordination between team members and visiting stakeholders in advance to ensure timely operations.

According to Dolphin Energy General Manager-Qatar, Hassan Al Emadi, safety underscores every action and drives their performance on a daily basis.

By utilising the skills and experience of our employees and contractors like GWC, and by integrating a commitment to continuous improvement, we have developed a strong track record in achieving the highest levels of safety.

Total Logistics Manager Fabrice Dalban meanwhile, said the event has exceeded their expectations

… When we noticed that we were nearing this milestone, it was time to celebrate, reflect and share our experience with the world. The amount of effort and the quality of this achievement is an indication of the services the company has continued to provide.’

The ceremony was also held as the culmination of the company’s weeklong safety activities in recognition of the World Day for Health and Work Safety on 28 April. The activities included various video presentations, lectures, and entertainment activities all centred around the concept that at GWC, safety is a personal commitment for each employee. The events also included a safety pledge, summarised by the safety slogan adopted by the company: ‘One Team, One Goal, Zero Incident’.

In recent years, GWC has combined its infrastructure development, contract logistics, and hazmat experience in order to offer logistics base design, construction and managements services to various key clients in the oil and gas industry. Developing around 150,000 square metres of area for various clients in record time, these logistics bases offer fully integrated concentrations of logistics solutions, with laydown yards, workshops, pipe inspection areas, and general and chemical warehousing. The company also offered personnel, equipment, and base facilities for these operations, equipped with offices, air-conditioned warehousing, as well as canteen facilities, anticipating the delivery of all staff needs and requirements.

The company offers these services in accordance with the highest Quality, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (QHSSE) standards, which provide the framework for all the company’s service offerings and operations. The company is committed to continuous improvement across all aspects of their services, priding themselves on achieving the ISO certifications for all service offerings and facilities, which are governed by an Integrated Management System (IMS).

GWC Chief Operating Officer Rajeswar Govindan said the company’s various departments and divisions cooperate to ensure that all employees, clients, and subcontractors maintain the highest safety standards for operations conducted in or by the company.

It is our pleasure to utilise and share these skills to ensure that all operations for Dolphin Energy run reliably and smoothly in the safest and most secure of working environments.’

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