GWC (QPSC) has completed the transport of a 180-tonne auxiliary boiler on behalf of Qatar Fertilizer Company (QAFCO), shipping it from Italy through to Messaieed Port to the client location.

QAFCO 180-tonne auxiliary boiler 2
QAFCO’s 180-tonne auxiliary boiler

GWC Group CEO Ranjeev Menon said they are proud of the achievement and for the seamless delivery of client requirement.

GWC’s ability and experience in handling movement of oversized cargos have engendered trust in our company for handling even the biggest machinery, positioning us as the provider of choice for these services.’

GWC’s vast experience in project logistics and heavy lifts have allowed for the safe and timely transport of QAFCO’s cargo, overcoming challenges and difficulties throughout.

With a mass of nearly 740 cubic metres (dimension: 10.90 x 7.22 x 9.36 metres), the boiler is a highly delicate piece of machinery despite its large size. After careful planning and coordination, the company performed the lift at Messaieed Port, placing it on a specialised trailer, and then transporting it through a pre-plotted course after completing clearance for the shipment.

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