Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) recently welcomed incoming and returning students, staff, and faculty, to a new, hopeful academic year 2021/2022 under the theme Hayakom at HBKU. HBKU is a member of Qatar Foundation

Over 300 new students have started their academic adventure within the HBKU community’s six colleges. HBKU marks a return to in-person learning for the first time since the pandemic prompted a switch to online learning.

The university offers 34 programmes and provides a rich and rewarding journey that enhances students’ knowledge and skill set. HBKU’s multidisciplinary programmes equip students to become future leaders who can contribute to the development of societies as well as support Qatar in its research and innovation ecosystem.

HBKU Student Affairs rolled out a virtual student orientation to familiarise students with the university and its resources. A series of information sessions were held, highlighting the support available to meet the academic and personal goals of students. Academic advisors guided first-semester students through the university’s interdisciplinary academic programmes.

In his message, HBKU President Dr Ahmad M Hasnah welcomed the students, pointing out that today is the start of their engagement with HBKU.

Learning is a dialogue and we urge all of you to benefit from interaction with your professors, researchers, and peers. We encourage you to take your ideas and try to make a change, whether in the field of science, in your society, within your community, or family.

He said that HBKU will support the students’ academic and personal development and provide the means to enhance their entrepreneurship, understanding and capability. He also urged them to look at all the challenges globally and as a country through the lens of innovation, and how each can contribute to solving those issues.

HBKU is celebrating 10 years since its founding as a research-intensive university, a proud milestone for the country, Qatar Foundation and all HBKU faculty, staff, students, and alumni who have shaped the organisation. HBKU strives to empower students and engage alumni to develop skills and competencies through diverse, multi-disciplinary educational and social learning opportunities.

HBKU develops interdisciplinary academic programmes and national research capabilities that drive collaboration with the world’s best institutions. The school prepares future leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset and shape novel solutions for positive, global impact.

For information on HBKU’s academic and research programmes, visit hbku.edu.qa.

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