Hamad International Training Centre (HITC) has carried out its eleventh Child Passenger Safety (CPS) technician training course with the kind support of Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Company.

The training course teaches participants how to select the right car seat according to the age, weight and height of a child so they are able to help parents and caregivers keep their children safe in motor vehicles, using appropriate car seats and restraints.

Dr Khalid Abdulnoor Saifeldeen, Director of Hamad International Training Center, said:

It is the first time we have worked with Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Company, and are pleased that dealerships are taking the initiative when it comes to safety.’

Dr Abdulnoor added:

It is important to understand that injuries suffered by children from car-related accidents are usually preventable. Car seats for children should be used until the child reaches the correct weight and height to safely use a normal car seat belt system designed for adults. It is essential to select the appropriate seat for every child according to his/her age, height, weight and development.’

Hisham Saleh Al Mana, Chairman and Managing Director of the Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Company, commented:

We are always keen to support Hamad Medical Corporation in its quest to keep children safe when they are in a vehicle. This lies at the heart of our individual and corporate values and we are proud to play a part in this wonderful initiative to develop safer transport for our children.’

The HITC CPS technicians are also providing specialized training for Nissan staff on child passenger safety so that they can give informed advice to customers and families visiting the showrooms.

More information about child passenger safety and the CPS training course is available on Kulluna.qa.