Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), in cooporation with ConocoPhillips Qatar, has launched a five-year national campaign to raise levels of public awareness regarding general health issues, personal safety, HMC services and lifesaving practices within the country.

‘Kulluna’ is an Arabic word that means ‘All of us’ and will extend over the period up to 2016. The first phase of this programme, which runs from October to December, will target child safety and is called ‘Keep us safe’. This programme is in collaboration with Safe Kids Worldwide, an international non-government organisation based in the US which specialises in child safety.

This targeted safety campaign will highlight community and family situations which place children at risk and will recommend systems and processes for reducing those risks.  Particular emphasis will be on home and road-related injuries as these are of major concern in the country.

Look out for their programmes in the local media, as well as roadshows in the malls and schools, and news of future campaigns on our blog.