Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently celebrated its achievements in the field of medical education and has formally recognised its latest cohort of graduating residents and fellows at the Excellence in Medical Education Ceremony at Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC).

During the ceremony, HMC leadership recognised and awarded its consultants and specialists who played a leadership role as course directors, instructors and teachers in its Faculty and Residents Development Program. Under this program the physician and scientist Course Directors of the following courses were recognized; Communication Skills, Professionalism, Research Methods, Stress Management, Chief Residents Development, and Simulation programmes.

A total of 304 graduating doctors, comprising 212 residents who successfully completed their residency training programmes at HMC, 70 Fellows who successfully completed their subspecialty training programs and 22 Qatari physicians and dentists who successfully completed their postgraduate training abroad through the international scholarship programs, were honored at the event.

The ceremony convened senior leaders and representatives from HMC, Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, the newly-established Qatar University’s College of Medicine, training faculty, and graduates along with their families.

The residents had received four to seven years, and the fellows 2-13 years, of rigorous training under HMC’s 18 different residency training programs and more than 50 fellowship programs. The residency training programs prepare doctors to work as specialists in fields such as Anesthesia, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat), Cardiothoracic Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, or to enroll as fellows into different subspecialties.

Chief Medical Officer at HMC, Professor Michael Richmond, urged the new graduates to retain their commitment to life-long learning and continue to lead the way in setting higher standards of patient care in the region. He said:

We are thrilled to graduate another group of highly-skilled residents and fellows who have undergone rigorous training and have demonstrated the skill and commitment to care for patients. These young doctors will become the clinical leaders of the future and we trust that they have learned not merely to be doctors but have developed the passion to be good doctors with a focus on quality improvement in healthcare.’

In addition to gaining strong clinical knowledge through the residency programmes, graduates also benefited from several other complementary training programs in areas such as communication, professionalism, research, stress management, and evidence-based practice.

The ceremony also saw the recognition of 18 faculty members who were awarded for meritorious teaching. Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Director of Medical Education at HMC, Dr Abdullatif Al Khal, commended the faculty for their dedication and persistence to establishing an outstanding learning environment for the residents and fellows, supporting the organisations ambition to become a fully-established academic health system. Dr Al Khal said:

HMC is recognised regionally and internationally as a leader in medical education and has been the center of choice for top medical graduates and clinical faculty from around the world. We are proud of our faculty at HMC who have worked hard to uphold the highest standards in education at the organisation, ensuring we provide the best possible medical training to future generation of consultants. We are certain that they will continue to work with the same fervor and improve the standards of medical education in Qatar.’

HMC has been the principal public healthcare provider in Qatar for over three decades, managing eight hospitals, incorporating five specialist hospitals and three community hospitals. HMC also manages the National Ambulance Service as well as home and residential care, all accredited by Joint Commission International. HMC is leading the development of the region’s first academic health system and is committed to building a legacy of healthcare expertise in Qatar. HMC collaborates with partners who are key experts in Qatar and beyond, including Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar (WCMC-Q), the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Partners Healthcare, Boston.