With onset of Eid holidays and summer vacation, many are expected to be flying abroad, either to visit home or to holiday destinations. Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior prepared a comprehensive report on steps and procedures to ensure a hassle-free trip for all.

Airport Security

Brigadier Eissa Arar Al Rumaihi, Director of Airport Security Department says that the airport security department works to maintain the security of passengers and provide all the ways to help them and to secure their belongings. He urged all the passengers to adhere to security and safety requirements and refrain from carrying any banned items specified at the airline counters to avoid delays.

Passengers should not carry luggage of others without prior knowledge as it may contain something illegal and also can be charged for excess baggage. Brigadier Al Rumaihi asked the passengers to cooperate with officers of airport security and immigration and customs, and to stick to safety guidelines and safety on board of the flight.

Brigadier Al Rumaihi added that the passenger has to keep the boarding pass and travel documents handy and ready for inspection when entering the departure. The passenger and the baggage should must undergo security check through inspection devices. Additional security screenings maybe required to follow international airport standards. The traveler must place all the metal materials with him in the basket allocated for inspection and make sure he receive them back before leaving the security point.

Baggage Screening

Regarding luggage and hand baggage, Major Abdullah Abdul Hadi Al Dossari, head of the inspection section at the Department noted a number of the prohibited items that should not be placed in a travel bag such as sharp materials (nail scissors and clippers, razors of all kinds except manufactured inside the plastic sheath, all kinds of knives, Summer travel doha qatarcutlery, screwdrivers of all kinds, all kinds of lighters, sharp tools, shears except that no more than 3 cm in length, ropes, dart board, catapult (dart), billiard and snooker sports tools, all kinds of sports rackets, climbing and skiing sticks, weapon-like toys whether plastic or metal, medical needles (except used for medical needs with proof, body sprayers, measuring tapes, meat and fish, paints). In case the above items are found in hand luggage, it will be confiscated without being returned to their owners .

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It is not allowed to carry more than one litre of the liquid substances, sprays, pastes and gels on a single packaging capacity of not more than 100 ml and be placed in a transparent plastic bag which is easy to open and close and the size of the bag should not exceed the 20 × 20 cm. The hazardous material that are not allowed to be transported in the luggage are weapons, explosives, ammunition, fireworks, all kinds of flamboyant materials, oxidation materials and organic peroxides such as pigments, solids and flammable liquids, such as fuel lighters, materials eaters such as mercury, acids and citrus and batteries containing fluids , flammable or non-flammable compressed and poisonous  gases such as cooking gas, butane, oxygen and gas lighters, breathing oxygen bottles, radioactive materials, poisons, such as pesticides, weed killers, arsenic, cyanide and infectious substances such as bacteria and germs.

Airport Passports Department

Colonel Mohammed Rashid Al Mazroui, director of the Airport Passports Department, says that the department is working to facilitate the procedures for passengers and to adhere to general rules applicable in most international airports regarding verification of passports and visas of those arriving at Doha – making sure that the passport holder matches the picture on the passport, documents free of any fraud or forgery, and data written in several ways and means are legal .

He asked the citizens and residents to apply a set of instructions and important tips so to enjoy a safe travel. These include ensuring the validity of the passport as the validity should not be less than three months if the traveler is heading to any Arab countries and six months for a European country. It is important to make sure that all the passports and tickets are with them before leaving home. He advised the passengers to obtain exit permit (if required) well in advance and to reach the airport before three hours prior to flight departure to complete the procedures with ease. He reminds the passengers on the importance of following instructions and alerts of security personnel and staffs of the Department because they always work to their advantage.

Airport Passport Counters

Captain Nasser Abdul Karim Al Humaidi, Head of Airport Passports Section advises passengers to head to the passport control counters after getting the boarding pass to abide by floor marks in front of  the counters as there are 78 counters and 22 e-gates.

He urged travelers to activate e-gate service in their smart ID cards  by through Metrash2 service or any MOI Services Centre spread across the country as it saves time and efforts for the travelers.

Exit Permits

Major Nasser Jaber Al Maliki, head of Exit Permit Section at Airport Passports Department asked to ensure exit permits are obtained for those required before heading to the airport. In case of any delay in obtaining exit permit, personal sponsors can approach the MOI office at Departure lounge to get it issued.

He called on minor Qataris and residents to obtain exit permit electronically through Metrash2 mobile app, MOI e-services portal or Hukoomi web portal before heading to the airport or any of the other border ports.  He advised the expatriate residents of the country to ensure the legal age of their children as many residents are heading to the airport without paying attention to the age of their children and finds at the passport control counters they need an exit permit as they have exceeded 18 years.


Safety Measure at Home while Travelling

Regarding safety measure inside the house while travelling, assistant director of Prevention Department at Civil Defence Lt. Col. Hussain Aman Ali says that the summer months in particular need caution while using electrical appliances such as air conditioners, exhaust fans and LPG cylinders due to high air temperature. This requires everyone to apply all the security and safety requirements at home. Those spending the summer months outside the country shall make some precautions such as closing gas cylinder,  ensuring the safety of windows and doors, not keeping chemicals or flammable inside the house , not to expose them to direct sun and to keep the proper fire extinguishers at home and shall train family members staying at home, if any, how to use it properly.

He advised the people not to overload the power grid and conduct periodic inspection of electric connection with technicians having wiring knowledge. They shall remove thermoelectric devices away from curtains, upholstery and easily igneous materials. They shall unplug all electrical appliances while leaving the house specially exhaust fans including the one in kitchen and clean it  by removing flammable oils

How to Secure Home during Travel

With regards to securing home during the travel period, Brigadier Jamal Mohammed Al Kaabi, Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) says that the Department intensifies security patrols in residential areas, public places and commercial centres during the summer period to ensure that there will be no robbery or theft, or any acts of harm to take place. He appealed the individuals and families who want to leave their homes to travel to take precautions, secure their homes one way or another and not to leave valuables or money in the house, but to deposit them in banks.

He also advised the people to ensure safety of their vehicles before travelling by parking them inside house compound and not to leave them in public places so as not expose to damage and theft. He urged citizens and residents traveling abroad to communicate with the local police stations where their house is located and inform them the duration of travel if valuables items are stored in the house, and make sure to close the doors and windows properly.