Cute stick figures of Qataris taken from a sign at Mathaf

Living as expatriates in Doha, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the Qataris native to this land, as often our lives run parallel to theirs but don’t always cross.

It’s strange to live somewhere the locals seem so mysterious and live in a culture that is often closed to outsiders. Regrettably, often questions about the Qataris’ culture aren’t asked in fear of offending, but they are very friendly and flattered (as any one would be) when you take an interest.

So, in an attempt to readdress this, and satiate curiosity, Marhaba has interviewed a few Qataris who are learning English, to see what they are getting up to this weekend. You may be surprised at how similar your weekend plans are…





Ali: “I’m going to stay at my majilis and play cards or go on my play station. I might go to Sealine with my SUV and drive along the sand dunes with my wife.” 





Hadi (on the left): 

I’m going camping at Sealine, and will have a BBQ, but it depends on the weather.”

Khalid (on the right):

“We’re going to Sealine for two days, for fishing and BBQ with friends.”


Ahmed and Mohammed (in thobes): “This afternoon, I’m going to the swimming pool and then this evening I’m going to Club 7 at La Cigale and then on to an after-party. On Friday, after prayer, I’m going to Katara beach to meet some friends and then to a nightclub at the W Hotel.”

Talal (centre):

“Has it given you any ideas for your weekend plans?”