Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) and Huawei Technologies announced the finalists to the Huawei ICT Skill Competition at a celebratory ceremony held at HBKU recently. The competition was aimed at developing young students into leaders of modern technology and innovation.

In attendance were officials from the local ministries, delegates from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, top executives representing Huawei, as well as competitors, staff and faculty members from each of the participating universities, including HBKU, Qatar University (QU), Community College of Qatar (CCQ) and Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMUQ).

Huawei competition

Speaking on the importance of fostering a progressive academic environment where innovative ideas can take root, HBKU president Dr Ahmad M Hasnah,  said that innovation is a central theme at HBKU, and technology is the vehicle through which innovative solutions materialise.

As a research-focused university, we urge our students to go beyond the confines of the classroom, to explore and experiment, and to take the lead when it comes to finding solutions for a better tomorrow.’

Huawei Qatar CEO Zong Yan was also praising HBKU and said they are proud of their partnership with the university.

We are excited to contribute to the development and empowerment of the nation’s youth, particularly in an area which will contribute to a field crucial to the success of Qatar’s national vision and programme. Huawei’s strategy is to add value to the community as a whole by creating more connectivity and enabling innovation across various academic institutions and industries. As an open and transparent organisation, we work for sustainable success shared across the ecosystem by empowering both our partners and customers to find new roads to growth.’

The stated goal of Huawei’s competition is to empower the youth, nurture local talent, and bridge the gap between the classroom and the workforce. With participation from ten countries across the Middle East, the competition is a globally coordinated initiative that specifically targets universities and students in order to develop the ICT ecosystems of participating countries.

The three finalists from Qatar are students from HBKU, QU and CCQ. The last stage of the competition will take place in China over a five-day period before the end of the year. The finals will involve all the participating countries’ qualifying contestants competing in their respective groups over an advanced practical application and technology knowledge programme.

The finalists will be competing for a prize of  US $30,000 during the last stage of the tournament. Two teams will claim second place, and three will claim third. The three finalists representing the State of Qatar will also have the opportunity to visit Huawei’s international headquarters and network with global industry leaders and experts.

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