To foster an environment that advocates sustainability and corporate responsibility, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) is presenting its latest Makerspace Initiative titled Green Economy, Business, and Entrepreneurship in Qatar to encourage a more informed understanding of ethics and practices of green economies. The two-day event is open to the public and will take place on 28-29 March at the Education City Student Centre.

The event will bring together organisations and members of the community for interactive marathon, exhibitions, workshops, and short talks. CIS Dean Dr Emad El-Din Shahin said she is happy to have initiated this university-wide engagement. Makerspace is a perfect example where innovation is tackled at all levels – social, economic, cultural.

Various activities are planned over the course of the initiative and all members of the public, HBKU leadership, faculty, staff, students, and alumni are invited to attend. One significant spectacle will be the competitive Makeathon, where groups will attempt to solve issues relating to waste management, sustainable tourism, environmental awareness and water security. To aid their mission, selected participants will receive fabrication tools such as micro-controller kits, 3D printers, CNC routers, as well as other available resources at the event.

An exhibition called Living Off the Land will aim to present how different people rely on nature to survive, out of necessity or by choice. The exhibition will aim to portray how land may be used in various ways, while respecting the role of nature in our everyday lives. The exhibition hopes to inspire and create an awareness of the possibilities of sustainable survival.

The initiative will also host a friendly zone for children to inspire their creativity, as well as provide ample learning and activities that encourage upcycling and recycling. Workshops will be conducted over two days, and members of the general public are welcome to contribute by bringing recycling material, including water bottle caps, water bottles, newspapers, plastic bags, and textiles.

Key speakers will include international and local personalities who have demonstrated successful models that endorse green economies and businesses, or have effectively led sustainable lifestyles. Prominent business startups and entrepreneurs practicing ecological models will also be showcasing their work in various outlets.

HBKU has partnered with a selection of sustainability experts, supporters, and partners, including Qatar Development Bank, the Qur’anic Botanic Garden, Qatar Green Building Council, Qatar National Research Fund and Al Jaber Green Construction.

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