HBKU Press has recently launched its presence at the Amman International Book Fair in Jordan, with its books made available through Al Ahliya Publishing and Distribution. The book fair opened this week and will run until 10 October.

HBKU Press will also have a booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurt Buchmesse; a ‘rights-sale’ book fair, 10 – 14 October) and at the Kuwait International Book Fair (25 October to 11 November), where all HBKU Press books will be made available for sale to the public.

In addition to Amman, Kuwait, and Frankfurt, HBKU Press also plans to participate in book fairs in Doha, Beirut, Muscat, London, and Paris during the 2018-2019 book fair season. Their participation will range from having an actual booth to having their books available through distributors, made possible by established distribution agreements between HBKU Press and other publishing companies.

HBKU Press Executive Director Bachar Chebaro said that their presence at international fairs validates their role as a key player of the global publishing market from the Arab region.

Intensive marketing campaigns to complement the presence of HBKU Press books ensure their credibility and recognition. They take the opportunity to launch new titles at book fairs, and hosts book readings and book signing sessions with authors as well as information sessions about the subject matters of their published books.

Another avenue HBKU Press has been pursuing to establish international recognition is participation in what is typically known as ‘rights-sale’ book fairs: book fairs where HBKU Press doesn’t actually sell books, but sell the rights to their books for translation in other languages; they also buy books to translate in Arabic.

Selling translation rights of our books into other languages is especially important as it allows for the dissemination of knowledge from Qatar and the region to a global audience. Buying books from other countries in other languages allows the local community access to a whirlwind of new literature, ideas, and knowledge. We are effectively participating in and benefiting from the knowledge economy.’

HBKU Press launched its programme in 2010 as a world-class publishing house founded on international best practices, excellence and innovation. HBKU Press strives to be a cornerstone of Qatar’s knowledge-based economy by providing a unique local and international platform for literature, literacy, scholarship, discovery and learning.

HBKU Press publishes Fiction and Non-Fiction titles for adults and for children, and academic and reference materials. HBKU Press aims to promote the love of reading and writing by helping to establish a vibrant scholarly and literary culture in Qatar and the Middle East.

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