Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Justice’s Legal and Judicial Studies Center. 

The MoU is intended to serve as a framework for cooperation in sharing legal knowledge between HBKU and the centre. In doing so, both parties are charting a course to promote innovative thinking in academic and professional pursuits in the field of legal studies and judicial practices, thereby helping prepare a new generation to be ‘legally equipped’.

The MoU was officially signed by Fatima Abdulaziz Bilal, Director of the Legal and Judicial Studies Centre at the Ministry of Justice, and Maryam Al Mannai, HBKU’s vice president of student affairs. The signing was held at the HBKU Student Center in Education City and witnessed by other members of senior management.

Al Mannai said that as a leading research university, they are committed to forming strategic partnerships that will enrich the overall experience of students.

HBKU places significant emphasis on such partnerships to successfully deliver on its promise to provide students with a truly exceptional and holistic experience through its various multidisciplinary programmes.’

With the agreement in place, HBKU and the centre will begin to collaborate on a variety of activities. These include the establishment and commencement of judicial training programmes, exchanging research reports, sharing the latest developments in national and international jurisprudence through exclusive bulletins, and mutual access to scientific journals for use by students and professionals.

The director of the Legal and Judicial Studies Center Fatima Abdulaziz Bilal said the MoU is part of the Ministry of Justice’s commitment to improving legal and judicial training in the country, in support of the goals set forth by Qatar National Vision 2030.

Despite being an emerging university, HBKU has managed to swiftly assert itself in the research and education fields in Qatar, a significant achievement for a young institution. The MoU between the two parties will yield substantial results, as it will capitalise on the strength and resources of both organisations.’

The centre, with its distinguished legal expertise, is one of the most respected legal institutions in Qatar. It is responsible for supporting Qatar by helping equip professionals with skills needed for a variety of fields, including adjudication, public prosecution, legal practice, and more.

Under the established framework, both parties will jointly organise and host events regularly, including symposia, seminars, workshops, and guest lectures, to promote dialogue between those who study, research, and practice law in Qatar.

Creating a space for the exchange of knowledge between students at HBKU and the centre, along with engaging the wider legal community, will inform and help develop local procedures that ultimately contribute towards the development goals of the nation within the legal field and beyond.

HBKU mou signing

To learn more about HBKU, visit their website at hbku.edu.qa.