Both institutions will further scholarly instruction of contemporary Islamic studies through the exchange of academic and research expertise

In the interest of cooperating on graduate-level education as well as jointly promoting scholarship on the intellectual, scientific, research, and socio-cultural contributions of Islam, the College of Islamic Studies (CIS) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Al Jamia Al Islamiya, a renowned Indian institution of Islamic higher education, based in Kerala, India.

HBKU and Al Jamiya MOU
Dean Emad El Din Shahin and Dr Abdussalam Ahmed signing the MOU

The document, signed at Education City in Doha, outlines common objectives to exchange academic expertise, professional experience, and specialised skills. The agreement also creates a scope for HBKU and its counterpart to organise symposia, seminars, and conferences.

In an official ceremony attended by members of staff and faculty from the two organisations, Dean Emad El Din Shahin of CIS, and Dr Abdussalam Ahmed, Rector of Al Jamia Al Islamiya, signed the agreement in the presence of guests. The MOU allows for the exchange of faculty and graduate students, combined research, and mutual academic and executive courses between the two parties for a period of three years.

Dean Shahin said the agreement marks a significant step towards achieving a mutual understanding with colleagues within India’s academic community. CIS and Al Jamia Al Islamiya’s common foundations and inclinations as higher learning institutions for Islamic studies, he said, allow for a progressive partnership that enables students and faculty direct access to cross-cultural opportunities for innovation, education, and research.

By harnessing each other’s institutional strengths, we work together to advance scholarly instruction of contemporary Islamic studies in the region and contribute to the advancement of knowledge-sharing and thought leadership in the field.’

Founded on a forward-looking model, Al Jamia Al Islamiya initiates a holistic Islamic educational modality that blends traditional Islamic tenets with modern perspectives. Today, it enables thought-leaders, preachers (da’wah workers), activists, media persons, writers, scholars, and intellectuals with far-reaching contributions to Kerala communities and beyond.

Describing the motivating factors that led Al Jamia Al Islamiya to establish cooperative ties with CIS, Dr Ahmed said they are delighted to place on record the landmark agreement.

This MOU between Hamad Bin Khalifa University and Al Jamia Al Islamiya, sets forth the intentions of the parties for increased collaboration, cooperation and mutual understanding exploring all possible avenues in cementing our ties. Al Jamia looks forward to deepening our collaboration with more mutual endeavours in the future.’

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