In conjunction with Leila Heller Gallery in New York, Anima Gallery  proudly presents the opening reception of a solo exhibition by Kezban Arca this evening at The Pearl-Qatar.

Kezban Arca ventures into the world of femininity. She paints the story of Eve from a woman’s perspective. She goes into the nitty gritty, the day to day, the small picture, the big picture and the mirror image. Kezban travels to the past, to the childhood, and to the simple innocent memories, the precious thoughts that only we own. Yet Kezban is optimistic, her paintings always reflect hope with sparkling stones that shed light into the darkest darkest secrets. Her paintings are feminine, fragile, bold and overcoming. They whisper a story that only a woman can tell.

The opening reception will be from 7 pm to 9 pm this evening. The exhibition will run until 2 January 2013 at Anima Gallery. For further information visit the website.