Time clockHamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Heart Hospital announced a reduction in waiting times for a myocardial perfusion scan. With a mean average waiting time of 19.5 days, HMC are well the international benchmark of 45 days.

Dr Daoud Ali El Khatib, Nuclear Medicine Consultant at HMC stated:

The Myocardial Perfusion Scan is a very sensitive test that has a vital clinical role in diagnosing Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). By being able to offer this service to more patients in a shorter time, are able to diagnosis CAD earlier and start patients on effective treatment and management more quickly. This could save patient’s lives.’

This reduction in waiting times was brought about as a result of team work by a multi-disciplinary group of healthcare professionals from across the organisation.

Dr Maryam Abdul Aziz Al Kuwari said:

We are extremely proud of our team for achieving this success for our patients. The reduction in waiting times will improve patient outcomes and is already increasing patient satisfaction. It also means fewer patients will feel they have to travel overseas to get this test done quickly.’

The project recently won in the Health Performance Category of the HMC Stars of Excellence Reward and Recognition programme. A total of 250 projects were submitted to the Stars of Excellence programme to compete in the three categories of Health, Education and Research. The Star of Excellence Award was given to the ‘Reduced Waiting Times for Myocardial Perfusion Scans’ project because it contributed to the improvement of the overall health service delivery, enhanced the patient experience and met HMC’s goal to provide the safest, most effective and most compassionate healthcare to the people of Qatar