Qatar Foundation Chairperson HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser attended the first Qatar Foundation Alumni Reunion, where hundreds of alumni from universities and schools under Qatar Foundation reconnected at Education City to share their stories, experiences, successes, and challenges.

During the event, Her Highness shared her delight with the achievements of the alumni and how Education City was designed to promote excellence, to be a unique hub for creativity and innovation and a place of possibility and opportunity for everyone, based on their own merit and talent.

You have demonstrated your ability, tenacity and determination. Our graduates come from diverse backgrounds, countries and cultures from east and west. What unites them is that they carry with them the philosophy of Qatar Foundation, spreading our values – creating, sharing and advancing knowledge.

HH Sheikha Moza also highlighted the importance of the QF Alumni Platform launch, which she said will boost and broaden Qatar Foundation ties. She urged the alumni to be active on the platform, to share ideas, debate concepts and fulfil the philosophy of Qatar Foundation.

The event was also attended by Qatar Foundation Vice Chairperson and CEO, HE Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani as well as government ministers and dignitaries. The event welcomed graduates of Qatar Foundation’s education ecosystem, from Qatar and beyond, back to the place where they honed their skills and set their goals for the future, to encourage them to unite and collaborate in making change happen.

Career Fair, Open Dialogue

The reunion at Al Shaqab, was held at the start of a two-day Career Fair, with employers from a range of sectors showcasing career, training and internship opportunities to QF alumni. The fair took place as the QF Alumni Program was being launched, with a digital platform and app that will allow graduates of Qatar Foundation schools and universities to connect and work together, form mutual interest groups, find and apply for jobs, and mentor younger graduates.


Giving a keynote speech at the event, Haroon Yasin – an alumnus of Georgetown University in Qatar – explained how his Education City experience led him to create Taleemabad, an edtech company that has digitized Pakistan’s national primary school curriculum into cartoons and games, and which now reaches 10 million students.

He shared that when he started, he knew that getting kids to be excited about schooling was going to be one of the most crucial pieces of creating lifelong, healthy learners. He said that there are more than 17 million students going to these schools in Pakistan alone, and 140 million more across the globe.

Our dream is to empower all these learners with non-stop learning, not just throughout their (school) days, but throughout their lives.

The event also saw QF alumni participate in an open dialogue with members of Qatar Foundation leadership about their experiences and the challenges they have faced since graduation, with a view to identifying solutions.

With the QF Alumni Program aiming to help graduates of schools and universities at Education City stay and return to Qatar to support the nation’s development and capacity-building, the QF Alumni Office will advocate for policy changes that support this, while forming public and private sector relationships to help QF alumni find jobs in Qatar. Meanwhile, a QF Alumni steering committee – made up of QF schools and university graduates – has been formed to ensure the programme continues to meet the needs of its members.

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